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  1. Hey Species1571, thanks for your quick reply, for some strange reason I can not build missiles for the carrier I'm missing the option. I attached some screenshots so you can see that the Hammerhead System theoretically should be usable: 1. On the right sidebar the game says: HMHD N/A, the Launch Button is grey: Hammerhead Launch Button (2149 kB) 2. Here is my Carrier Blueprint List (2 Screenshots, because I need to scroll to see the full list): Blueprints 1 (1983 kB) Blueprints 2 (1994 kB) 3. Repair Screen: Everything is fully repaired including the Hammerhead platform: Repair screen (1938 kB) Also I'm standing in front of an island without shields. Is it possible that 1.07.0025 is beta? The latest update available on the Carrier Command Update Website is 1.06
  2. Hello everyone, I'm currently playing Campaign Mode. I've captured the whole initially visible archipelago including Fulcrum, plus Duessa and Terminus. Before I captured Fulcrum I had to assemble the Hammerhead System. I found both parts, launching plattform and missile and played both FPS Missions. When I captured Fulcrum the carrier launched an Hammerhead on the base in a cutscene. However now after I have obtained the Hammerheadsystem and captured Fulcrum I can not use it. All systems are fully repaired but in the strategic map the sidebar says Hammerhead not available, also the Hammerhead Button is ghosted. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance for your help! P.S.: I'm playing the Retail (not the Steam Version) V1.6.0011, which is the latest release version AFAIK.
  3. It would be perfectly okay for me if the walrusses did some "cheating" at some point by passing through objects as long as I can just send them anywhere and be sure they don't get stuck on the way (this shouldnt get unfair though like passing through defensive build structures/walls). In V.1.03 I even saw walrusses blocking each other on an open street (it was a convoy of all 4 walrusses). At some turn one started to drive offroad in circles and then went back and forth blocking the following vehicles. So the only way to solve that, was driving them manually to a save spot near the target area one by one. And since you usually have to destroy multiple targets to capture an island I had to do this like 5 or 6 times (multiplied by 4 walrusses this makes 20-24 times driving across the same island). So from my experience there are workarounds for general pathfinding by just setting enough waypoints but what is really messed up (or at least was in V1.03) is the convoy behaviour.
  4. Hey wraith, thx 4 the info. I'll might give 1.04 another shot then and hope the devs will even further improve it in 1.05.
  5. Hello everyone, I've purchased CC a while ago and had started to play the campaign to a certain point. As a fan of the original CC I think it's an overall great game, though the catastrophic Walrus AI (I played version 1.03) did start to spoil the fun at some point, because I was starting to spend more time on manually moving around one walrus after another, than doing anything else. Yesterday I read about the patches 1.04 and 1.05 - which I didn't install yet. Has anyone tried these and seen any improvements to the Walrus AI in comparison to 1.03? P.S.: I have a non steam version so the Steam-Only Walrus AI mod is no option for me.