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  1. I reccomend looking into "Minoza"'s post , it's a really good suggestion and I hope the developers take it on board !
  2. Whenever loading a game and a black intro comes up (on multiplayer normally to say who made the mission etc) I cannot get past this . It just stays on the black screen however I can shoot move etc, just cannot see the game , only the black intro screen. I'm definetly in the game and functional because if i hit esc to bring up the menu I can see in the game . Anybody else had these problems ?
  3. In my opinion the game is too "slow" when it comes to using functions , for example entering vehicles , climbing ladders and opening doors. I would suggest either binding a hot key to these functions like in most games or make it simpler. You shouldn't have to walk right up to a door , stop scroll, find the open door bit , and hit enter. It takes far too long and isn't realistic if we are going on how soldiers would be able to function . Similarly for ladders. Can there not be just a button like in most games "use" This button could access doors, ladders, vehicles maybe be able to look in dead bodies gear or crates etc ?
  4. This was an issue with ARMA 2 where people would be in ghillie suits etc, but as soon as the distance became too far they would stick out like a saw thumb . I am just posting this because it is exactly the same in ARMA 3 and this removes from the use of cover if you can just see people miles away with no problems presented . Anybody know if anything is being done about this ? I understand there will be performance issues if the grass was constant at massive ranges but maybe there is an alternative ?