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  1. JohnC

    Creating a crane

    Thx for the heads-up andy. Here is a video of Atlas LHD crane (shown at 20:25):
  2. Hope to see the support of more ArmA players who also believe that advanced driving mechanics will improve the military simulation quality of ArmA. More realistic vehicle modeling = better military simulation = higher immersion = more fun !
  3. You have my vote for advanced driving (increased steering range, reverse gear and manual transmission, analog gas and brake for smooth control).
  4. Totally missed these ! I`d love to operate those lifters :)
  5. Did someone say logistics pack? I was going to make a request for the HEMTT with palletized load system and saw this. What a nice surprise. Thanks TxT ! Looks great and very promising.
  6. JohnC

    Airfield Logistics

    Very happy to see this peral, thanks ! Making airfields more functional adds a lot to the ArmA experience. Looking forward to the new release.
  7. JohnC

    Base Templates?

    You can use save composition feature of the Eden editor but keep in mind that object elevation will be a problem when placing the base on a new map. There is also a second option of "copy/paste in original position" in the editor but that also is not the ideal solution. Bottom line is, as far as I know, if you`ll move a base/composition from one location to another, it will require checking/correcting all items one by one. Base building is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game for me. Good luck and have fun ! PS. A related topic
  8. I hope you continue with other logistics-themed projects mp5gosu. Because logistics matters ;) Maybe a functional crane?
  9. JohnC

    Creating a crane

    I`d love to see a functional dock crane dan. Any progress on this?
  10. JohnC

    Arma3 Videos

  11. Hard to wait for this beauty !
  12. Any solution for this problem folks? I cant see the textures.
  13. Update on this... I tested Jonzie Mega Mod Pack last night and the trailer was working quite fine. I can post a video if needed. So looks like trailers do work in ArmA. In this case, I`ll keep hoping to see an M1070
  14. One happy customer of Burnes Armories here :)
  15. Didnt know that. I thought physics engine of ArmA was improved. I`m really disappointed now :(
  16. Requesting M1070 from our modeling gurus. If I remember correctly, there was an OFP/ArmA version back in the days
  17. JohnC

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I havent tested this yet but very happy to hear dev team`s focus on this. My scenarios heavily depend on AI driving. Quick question... How would I force an AI squad member to drive at a slow speed? Would putting forceSpeed in his init field force him to drive at the specified speed on any vehicle he is ordered to drive? Answer: Tested this a few minutes ago and works like a charm. I defined two radio triggers, to forcespeed to 10 and 40. When my AI driver approaches tight spots (towns, turns, etc), I order him to slow down (forcespeed to 10). When we pass the spot, I tell him to speed up. Using this in combination with WW AIMenu by Windwalking (ability to define multiple waypoints) is almost perfect. And all these without the new AI driving code :) Hopefully it will get even better with the new code.
  18. JohnC

    PLP Urban Packs

    Excellent quality ! Looking forward to the new package
  19. JohnC

    Arma3 Videos

  20. Military Logistics Services (MLS) network was created to bring together like-minded ArmA players who enjoy driving, piloting and logistical aspects of the simulation. This is not a clan or squad. MLS is a platform to bring drivers, pilots and logistics experts of armaverse together to share ideas, experience and tools. Lets build bases, form convoys and create a logistics network involving airplanes, helicopters, trucks, ships and trains, all operating in perfect coordination and communication in an immersive, realistic and friendly simulation environment. ArmA Units: https://units.arma3.com/unit/logistics Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/dplogic
  21. JohnC

    Arma3 Videos

  22. After an extensive search and hunting, I couldnt find the classname for the diver`s goggles. Any help on this gentlemen? Thx
  23. Hey Lord, I guess you are referring my post which linked Osmo's terrific script. Just wanted you to know I am also ready to help to port this into ArmA 3. I sent a pm to Osmo but not sure if he got it.
  24. As a session organizer, I have couple of radio triggers to spawn AI, change time, etc I`d like to limit the use of these to a player named as "session_organizer" in the editor. I`m putting if (player == session_organizer) then {... script here }; in the "on act" section of the trigger but script can still be called by other players using radio trigger. I also tried to put the if then statement into the script file and that also didnt work. Any advice on this? Thanks. PS: Reported results are from client hosted sessions, I havent tested them on dedicated but I dont think this is relevant. I expect the server/client side to have an effect on the execution number (once or multiple times depending on locality of the script).