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  1. http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/3011/reasonx.jpg Reason why i like my hud clear :P
  2. Yes youre right but i still would like to see On/Off option for those.
  3. MyFarewell

    Tao Folding Map

    Nice idea, lets see if it works. Works like a charm. Job well done.
  4. MyFarewell


    There is another similar. Lets see which one is better :P
  5. MyFarewell

    [HMM] Stance Indicator

    This is cool feature, but i like my hud as clead as possible. Works nicely. Thanks :)
  6. Okay, lets start.. If youre a new player, PLEASE read at least 10 pages before asking new (same question) again. This game is in ALPHA state, not beta or ready to release. So exept lots of bugs and fps issues. We all know that multiplayer plays very low fps with any rig or any settings, so dont bother asking it. We all can play 60 in EDITOR or SHOWCASE. Viewdistance is like only setting that increases your fps. I hate when people dont even try figuring things out themselves, like "which button changes firemode" PLEASE see buttonmapping from options first. And then is these casual fps gamers who need crosshair and those enemyspottingredthingovertheirheads things, no no no, this is trying to be a war simulator, not any Run&Gun game. Something about hud: Yes it would be great to have lots of things in hud, but to much is to much. Do you really need stance indicator when you have 3rd person view? I understand if there were only 1st person, but there is 3rd person too, so no really need for that but option to on/off it would be good for new gamers. You will get your invites, but later: March 14 until June 18 Here is some good points too: What is an alpha? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148821-What-is-an-alpha Yeah.. Here was some of my current thoughts, not all but some. And rest but not least: This game is going to be great! Love this game. :m: