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  1. This. Btw it was possible to vault through wall in Arma2 also :P I wouldnt say devs are lazy, but from what i have seen (and have been in contact with some of them on another forums), its more like a lack of dedication due to doing basically the same game for fourth time now...
  2. Blaf

    improve aircraft immersion

    Just put Altis and Stratis on the same map and place like 50 kilometers of sea between them -> better playground for jets.
  3. Blaf

    [Vehicle/Aircraft] Improvement Thread

    +1, Arma is pretty lacking on the vehicle simulation side atm.
  4. I would prefer having it on one map instead of two instances. At least for the possibility of artillery firing from one island to another.
  5. Blaf

    unrealistic tracers need strong rework

    I suppose some volumetric self-illuminating shader would do the trick -> that way tracer would be intensive when looking along its axis (shooters view) but be less visible once seeing from side. However, it might have significant impact on fps (as in some situations there may be tens of them at once in the air).
  6. Blaf

    Breakable vehicle parts

    Breakable constraints are the basics provided by PhysX library, that shouldn't be any issue (IMHO). +1
  7. It can also improve the proper use of jets...
  8. Blaf

    Vehicle Handling

    Check this... (probably not possible in RV4, but still)
  9. Isn't there some middleware solution for armor simulation that might be used? Probably not, but im just curious...
  10. Blaf

    Clouds are not so volumetric

    It's not about physics, it's about volumetric shader not being applied to cloud particles.