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  1. I wanna host a server to play with a couple of friends, but i havent found a guide for doing this yet Im trying with TA2DST but doesnt seem to get the settings correctly. What I want is an Ace Insurgency Fallujah coop, can anyone help me?
  2. jefcostello

    Vegetation Texture Pop-Ups Still Ugly

    isnt there a way to just fade them in and out? Would that cost too much processing?
  3. jefcostello

    Сlouds should cast shadows

    Exemple starts at 45seconds, and then again at 1:26 Would also be amazing to have volumetric lighting around those clouds, casting sun rays. Of course i think would be just asking too much, even though it really adds to the overall feel of reality
  4. jefcostello

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    I guess no to outerra, but what about the logic map textures/unsharp/grass mods? Are those viable options to the final release of A3?
  5. I think animations have some issues, characters look a bit funny, when running, a bit stiff and a bit too quick sometimes which sums up to the funny part(like old chaplin films). Gun bobing while running seems really unrealistc, and quite too smooth and CODlike. Overall characters look weightless, unlike ArmA II.
  6. jefcostello

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    hahah Im sorry but I do that(quit when die) sometimes Haha. But I think I understand part of what you say, its the same that happens with 4k cameras/TVs nowadays, they look so realistic its unrealistic, bright colors, ultra crisp image and color corrected color schemes. Imo, Arma II had a very boring(not so saturated not so bright) but natural look that i love in comparison with A3 bright and colourful look which is kind of an issue sometimes because after a couple hours playing the game it starts to wear out your eyes and your perception of things on screen. As for the trees, I believe theres a thread for that somewhere, guys argued about their color being too bright as well, for me they look a little too alike(no variations inside each florest) and blobby at distance. That plus the midrange issue really make for a "smooth everything".
  7. jefcostello

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Wow, that outerra would be awesome, but sounds impracticle, too good to be true, for now, for ArmA. It would be cool tho if that technology could be applied to generate bumpmaps and grass with similar procedural qualities to fit that midrange gap.
  8. It all comes down to the midrange issue with textures, that midrange does not in anyway represent the enviroment in close range, even with that depth matte, the soldier would still be quite visible since theres almost no information around(in the midrange view), anything with a bit of depth sticks out.
  9. jefcostello

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Nord, that was an amazing explanation for your ideas, and great ideas btw. I work with movie editing and post production and another thing is used to generate more depth is an unsharp filter, of course that would be just a plus to your idea, your suggestion acctually adds more texture which is awesome and i dont know why it would be difficult to execute that. Heres a nice exemple of the use of simple unsharp filtering to increase depth, the disavantage of this is that if its used agressivly and with a bigger radius it increases contrast which for me is a bad thing since it renders a more unatural contrasty look common in games such as bf3. But if its used only in the satmap texture and with a low contrast curve to compensate it should generate more depth without contrasting it too much. I took your Sadly bad exemple number 6 and applied it, heres the result. http://s21.postimage.org/njpkegt7r/52_27_14_0_00_00_00.jpg (174 kB)
  10. jefcostello

    Main weapon to sidearm Animations

    That also a great exemple for the standing stance, its not bent at all like in game.
  11. Also it would be nice to have small variations in color along the forest ---------- Post added at 01:42 ---------- Previous post was at 01:33 ---------- yeah I guess your right its also because I havent yet used ultra quality and ultra anisotropic filtering, but the fact the texture looks a bit blurry in the distance makes my overall perception blurry as well. Could also be an issue of contrast, like in cameras too much contrast can kill the depth or latitude of light, I think arma II was less contrasty in that matter. (exemple using random unrelated picture because Im not in my gamestation)
  12. jefcostello

    Better animations?

    Right! That ant-like run is seriously unatural and brings the awesome things down. It looks as though its was captured for a slow walk and then sped up 2x becoming something close to an olympic racewalk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZb_BPJsqBs) stiff upper body(but bent) and weightless rapid movement. Also the way the gun bobs when walking/running, feels unreal, like it didnt match the terrain or the impact the whole body has on it.
  13. I think its an issue of overall smootheness along every aspect of the game. Textures looks too smooth(in comparisson to armaII sharper look even with sharper filtering), weapon sway while walking/running seems floaty as well as with most animation.