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  1. Mine went away. I changed to my all games tab and it was there like it was uninstalled. Just double click it and it detects all of the files and I was good 2 go
  2. JakebIngram

    Please fix this

    Press Spacebar...
  3. Okay. Well it still helps with a lot of peoples frames. So im not sure why you are arguing about it. My rig should be able to easily handle this game.
  4. I set the terrain detail(Setterraingrid) with the Wasteland admin console.
  5. The images are comparing High settings with and without grass and then Low settings with and without grass. Im not sure you understand whats going on. I never said grass is the only reason I get bad FPS. But without it I clearly get more FPS. Temporary solution would be to remove grass. When I autodetect my settings I get put all to high and I get shitty fps. Without grass its better.
  6. Different spot High settings with Grass High settings without Grass Low settings with Grass Low settings without grass
  7. Think what you want. ---------- Post added at 05:30 ---------- Previous post was at 05:26 ---------- This is on high settings
  8. I actually tested it... I get about 10-20 fps on Wasteland servers. If I host my own I get the same. If I host my own and turn off the grass I get 30-40 So to me that is worth it.
  9. JakebIngram

    Arma 3 Clutter Distance

    Turning them to low doesn't remove it for me. I'm not really trying to cheat but I can barely play the game as it is.
  10. JakebIngram

    Arma 3 Clutter Distance

    Thank you. How do I edit that? I found TerrainGrid in my arma3alphaprofile but its all ready set to 50
  11. JakebIngram

    Arma 3 Clutter Distance

    Cheat, how? When I joined the server I had like 6 options when I scrolled my mouse wheel. Blue text and when I chose No clutter I went from 20 fps to 60 fps. I would much rather be able to play the game then worry about cheating.
  12. JakebIngram

    Arma 3 Clutter Distance

    I was just on a server that had a script to change "Clutter Distance" You could change it to No Clutter Low Med high Ultra etc If I turned it off my FPS went from 20 to 60+ I am not a modder or anything but It would be really awesome if anyone knew how to do this locally so I can actually play the game above 20 fps