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  1. aplum123

    How to identify who's hacking?

    well damn! I'm coming to that server :) no more hax0rs :D
  2. aplum123

    Problems when joining multiplayer servers

    For me, I click join then nothing pops us, no role picking or players in server. It just does nothing :(
  3. I saw on a couple streams that hacker were giving legit players god mode, wall hacks and infinite ammo Q_Q I was hoping we can't get banned for that. I'm scared D: Video -
  4. aplum123

    What REALLY helped me to improve performance

    Ah ok thanks :D and I also have a quad core :)
  5. aplum123

    What REALLY helped me to improve performance

    what's this cpu count thing? Is that something in the game's folder that I have to manually change?
  6. aplum123

    Anyone else having crashes?

    I sometimes crash as if the game was made just for crashing and then there are some periods where I can play for awhile without a crash. Most of them are when joining wasteland servers, the other are just random during an online game.