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  1. ...grenade launcher on my rifle? I can see an under-barrel grenade launcher on my weapon. I have rifle grenades in my inventory but I can't for God's sake figure out how to switch to it?. I did it a few times by accident...but I don't know how? I'm new to ARMA and I want to learn to love this game but the control scheme seems complicated. I don't even understand what half of them do? I'll be happy just to be able to fire some grenades. I have mapped "switch weapon" to many buttons but nothing happens when I press it? Help.:butbut:
  2. I'd like to see an answer for this too. I'm a noob to ARMA as well and have the same problem. I place helicopters IN the hangers at the airport, then when I go to "preview" the heli's are OUTSIDE the hangers sitting in the grass or whatever?...ticks me off.
  3. I have downloaded a few user made mission and want to try them out. The multiplayer portion isn't really working for me so I want to know how to open them in the editor so I can use "preview" to play them? I have them installed in both the SP and MP folders. If I open the editor and choose "load"..none of the missions are listed?
  4. Awesome! Working now. I didn't even see that folder in My Documents. solved.
  5. OK...I downloaded a few tools to extract the .pbo's and then placed the folders in the alpha 3 "missions" folder. I opened the editor but still nothing shows up?