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  1. bias12

    UK Government censorship

    Thanks for a reasonable contribution Mattar. You have made a few points that I would like to counter. 1. The scheme will enforce that later this year all new customers of an ISP will be asked at account opening whether they would like to opt in to receive adult content. Given that most people open new accounts for telephone and broadband via the telephone, a customer service agent will be asking the question at that time. All existing customers will also be contacted by next year. 2. Idependent organisations like you have listed are commonly reffered to as think tanks. Member of those organisations are either appointed or must apply like any other job. Not at all democratic, or a feature of a true democracy. More generally, I don't think anyone could say that it is a bad idea to protect kids from exposure to adult content, on the internet or otherwise. Yet once again in this country, parents are being relieved of their legal responsibility to protect their children from harm. If parents aren't able to educate their kids on the dangers of the world, internet safety or making responsible choices it should be analogous with neglect. As a strong supporter of child safety I call for a raft of tough sentencing for neglectful parenting, updating the legislation to include the new forms of neglect a parent can put upon their child, additional funding for social education in schools and reforming the already incompetent/desperately overworked social work system in the UK. Don't tread on me because John and Margaret down the road can't take the time to talk to their offspring. Fine them, lock them up, community service order, enforced parental education classes. If allowing your kids access to x-rated content isn't a crime now, it should be, and if it is, enforce it!
  2. bias12

    UK Government censorship

    I'm not trolling, this is a topical conversation on what is happening in my country and around the world. To say what we are talking about is a conspiracy is to imply that it is hidden, it's not. I read about it most days on the news. This has been censored or that has been censored, some more sites have been added to the secret list by the high court. I don't have any friends or acquaintances on these forums, I really haven't posted very much at all. Why would I use a second account for talking in the off topic section? English is my first language, I'm from Glasgow. Everyone else managed fine to understand what I am saying, so that's just rude. These are serious issues which will continue to affect everyone that uses the internet for the free flow of information, all opinions are welcome, but there is no need to resort to cries of TROLL! just because you disagree. I think most on these boards are mature enough to debate you sensibly without resorting to such base measures.
  3. bias12

    UK Government censorship

    Speaking personally, the problem that I feel strongly about is that this is disagreeable issue X that our glorious leaders have deemed that a citizen must be placed on a database to partake of. This information would be held most probably by the individual ISPs, but this provides little comfort. I believe in the last year, the government security agents (i.e. police, MI5) have made more than 500,000 demands to see private data of it's citizens, most likely to fight the black plague of "terrorism" (don't get me started on that). A future approaches my country. A future in which my government tells me what is acceptable to think. Today it is issue X, I worry about tomorrow and issue Y. Is Issue Y far left or right wing political opinions, is it criticism of the current Westminster regime, or is it any issue that the people in power feel like on any particular day? I don't know, but right now my government is gathering the tools of oppression around them. Do you blame me for thinking they might use those tools? Would you trust your politicians with the same power? As soon as a system is in place and functional it will be all too easy for the government to add additional subjects to its "child protection list". Pornography, sites that violate copyright, islamic extremist material, political opponents, labour unions, radical political parties; where could it end? This system is all set to go ahead with no protection for the fundamental rights of the individual. How difficult would it be for a particular influential business to use the tools of government to dictate what is able to be seen by the public? Not difficult, it happened at least twice this week already.
  4. bias12

    UK Government censorship

    As some of you guys may have seen, today Prime Minister Cameron has announced that within the next year all UK ISPs will be compelled to block pornography for new customers as standard, with an opt in phone call required to unblock the sites. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23401076 This is the latest move in a trend that should worry all people in the UK and beyond, most recently including the courts blocking piracy related websites on the insistence of private corporations, and keeping the list of such blocked sites a secret. The argument for blocking piracy centers around protecting children from harmful content, which I'm all for but personally believe that it is a parents responsibility to look after their kids and not the state's - but I digress. If you are also concerned about a road that starts with "someone please think of the children" and could lead to such extremes as blocking of voices critical of the current regime/ "insert anything that the gov't whims on a particular day", and you are a current UK resident, please consider signing this e-petition and make your voice heard. Personally I have also written to my local gov't MSP and MP and I implore you to do the same. If you are not a UK resident please consider contacting your own government representative, if it can happen in the UK any number of politicians from around Europe and beyond will be looking greedily at how far the British people can be pushed, and making plans of their own. Thanks for your time.
  5. These are all great ideas, I like that we are thinking on the same lines. What do you think for the paint job, camo or solid? brad7; Yeah as I said it will be armed with a rear facing LMG. Brain; That is quite a vehicle. Looks like a massive quad bike! I do like the utilitarian look of it, thanks for the link! :)
  6. Yeah actually, I was looking at a mix between this and this, so not too far off of what you were thinking. I could definitely do a bad ass buggy version of the same chassis. Have been working on the concept model a little more. It's very rough but it gives an idea of what I'm aiming for.
  7. Hi guys, I was looking at the units we already have and thought we could use a light transport/ combat reconnaissance vehicle. I have a little concept that I knocked up in half an hour and I was wondering what you guys thought and if it was worth taking forward. I'm thinking a three person light reconnaissance jeep, open top, with maybe a rear mounted light machine gun. It's just a concept but if there is any interest i'll put this bad boy together. Any thoughts?
  8. What you could do is have the waypoint where you want your divers dropped, and say, 100 meters before that have a waypoint with unitname FlyInHeight 5; in the on act section. That will make the the unit fly at 5 meters when it passes the first waypoint. What I would do with the second waypoint is unitname FlyInHeight 30; in the act, and put a countdown of 20 seconds by adding 20 to the min mid max fields and making sure countdown is clicked instead of timeout. That would get the chopper to fly 100 meters from the drop point, get down to 5 meters then fly to the drop point, wait for 20 seconds, then fly to your next waypoint at an altitude of 30 meters. Instead of the countdown you could set up a trigger and sync it to the drop point. Make sure to name the helicopter something, and use its name instead of unitname.
  9. Oops, looks like it was only me then hahaha! Oh well it's here if anyone needs it.
  10. bias12

    Vehicles going off-road

    Have you tried setting the unit behavior in the waypoints? If not set speed to limited and behavior to safe and see if that helps.
  11. Hi guys, I did a search to see if this was common knowledge or not but didn't find anything. Just want to let those of you who don't know already that the order of the diary entry intel module in the editor affects the order in which the entries show up in the map screen. The entries list with the most recently placed module at the top, so if you want situation first in the list, place it last, i.e; Situation > place last Mission > place second to last Execution > place third Support > place second Comms > place first Hope this helps as it was doing my head in.
  12. Thanks Max, that's what I ended up doing. It was a little tough due to the lack of animated weapons in the arma sample files but have managed to puzzle it out. I might throw a small tutorial together to demonstrate the concept because there isn't anything fantastic on this exact problem.
  13. I have been having a problem animating a simple model of a glock I threw together to learn the workflow of modding in the arma series. The model is made, textured (crudely), I have model.cfg and config.cpp made up, but I can't figure out how to animate the parts of the gun e.g trigger I have a named selection in o2 that I want to move when the gun is fired, so have set up my skeleton and model cfg's bone and section, with the named part I have named in LODS in O2, but no animation comes forth. A few questions, 1) Is the actual movement in the animation defined in the model.cfg or in the keyframes in o2 2) Are the bones and sections from the model.cfg simply the named selection in o2, or am I missing something? I have been to the wiki pages on model configs and animating models, but I cant see where I am going wrong. I'll include my model.cfg, I can't see anything blatantly wrong with it, but this is my first attempt so who knows. class cfgSkeletons { class Default { sectionsInherit=""; sections[] = {}; skeletonName = ""; }; class SCO_Glock21_Skeleton : Default { isDiscrete=0; skeletonInherit=""; skeletonBones[]= { "slide", "" }; }; }; class cfgModels { class SCO_Glock21 { sectionsInherit=""; sections[]= { "slide" }; skeletonName="SCO_Glock21_Skeleton"; class Animations { class slide { type="translation"; source="revolving"; selection="slide"; axis=""; memory=""; sourceAddress="loop"; minvalue=0; maxvalue=1; }; }; }; }; Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. bias12

    Tao Folding Map

    Great addon, so useful when driving!