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    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Wow downloading this now. Is there any maps/missions to complement this mod?
  2. Been waiting for something like this. Gonna test it right now.
  3. Cool. Will keep my eye out ;)
  4. So for version 1.3.3 all I have to do is put it into my arma 3 directory? Nothing else?
  5. All this script talk is confusing. I can't just download it, paste to my arma 3 directory and play?
  6. Anychance you can upload your ASR AI custom config on here. Am no good tinkering with them myself :/
  7. Had this issue myself. Was not fun playing a mission all over again.
  8. Hey guys. Basically I can't use or see the Binoculars on my inventory. I know plenty of SP missions have them at start but I just cant see them on my inventory anymore. One mission I tried has a loadout box, so I found binoculars in there and when I put them onto my gear, it vanished.....but I was then able to use it. Any ideas?
  9. OK let me start by saying I don't normally rant about games and I have a huge amount of patience but I am getting extremely annoyed with the AI being able to see me through bushes and hitting me accurately. It's a huge game breaker for me and because of this I still haven't been able to complete the campaign mode. I know how to play this game as have well over 200 hours in it. I love the idea of single player in this game but the AI kills it for me. I have seen many reports of this in the bug tracker which states that it's in a better condition now then what it was at release but it feels like nothing has been changed. I'm not imagining it, I have seen them run behind bushes and the tracers coming from the bushes. I love this game...I really do but as a person who mainly plays single player missions it really frustrates me.
  10. ru55lee

    Getting tired of this now...

    Thanks. Could not have said it better myself.
  11. ru55lee

    Getting tired of this now...

    haha...well spotted xD
  12. ru55lee

    Getting tired of this now...

    Yup already adjusted my AI accuracy but still having this issue. I agree with what you and the others saying but it just really irritates me as I was playing the campaign yesterday trying to shoot an enemy but my bullets kept hitting leaves on a tree and wouldnt penetrate it.
  13. Can anyone tell me how to change the enemy units into talibans if I was to play this on takistan?
  14. I am having an issue where the missions I download of the Alive website don't work properly. I'm pretty sure I am meant to be the squad leader but I am not as the squad leader just stands there but I have a few of his guys following me.
  15. Any news on a update? Also the download link is down :/ I have subbed on steam workshop but that seems to be outdated.
  16. OK no problem. However I am having an issue with the shift+6 for the mortar. There is no option to select or anything to do. A window pops up and thats about it. Is there a required level or something I need to be?
  17. Is the new update out now? Also as for changing the enemy clothing, they look outta place for me. How do I change them to look they are residents? I found the option in the game but I dont know which ones are what. Also how do I remove enemy units off the list?
  18. Cool. Got takistan working now. Awesome xD But is there anyway to change the enemies clothing to look different?
  19. Ok thank you so much. Will try that out when I can xD
  20. OK cheers. But now how do I get Takistan t work with this? It says on front page to rename it but doesnt say where it goes or what else to do :/
  21. Where do I get takistan from if I want to play on that map? Maybe add a link or something on front page?
  22. So I just played a mission and my squad team mates just kept throwing smoke grenades every 10 5 secs. Couldnt see anything. Anyway I can manually change this?
  23. OK it works if I use the bounding box and I give it to gaia as it has the (G) next to the unit but when I set the module in the mission to Gaia controls everyone then preview the mission, no (G) appears next to any of the units like it does when I use the previouse method.
  24. OK yeah that works. Awesome thanks very much. Just one more thing though. I noticed that the AI isnt being controlled by gaia. How do I go about enabling that without having to do it manually everytime I restart?
  25. But the missions I am trying to play are not mine so I cannot edit the missions in editor.