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  1. some weapons got reaload animations. and yes you can put optics on the old weapons, but you cant seem them, but they work. @sam if you follow those steps, you can simply choose the weapons you want in the editor ;)
  2. hey guys i want to show you how to import weapons from arma 2 in arma 3 DEUTSCHES VIDEO: ENGLISH: create a folder in your Arma 3 folder named @arma2weapons. and in this one your create one thats called Addons now put all files from arma2/addons and operation arrowhead/expensions/addons with `weapon` in it in this folder and put the sound.pbo files in your folder too (some weapons dont got sound, but if you put those files in you get sound ;) ) right klick your game in steam and go to starting options and write this insert "-mod=@arma2weapons have fun with more weapons :) sorry for my bad english
  3. how to i spawn reddot silencers and stuff in the editor ?