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  1. Hi Gents, Player here who wants to learn the ropes and dont mind realism. Mods are also a welcome element if you are a squad who like to play with these enhancements - just help me to install them if needed:) Most game play suits me, by that I mean Domination, missions (not zombies and alike, sorry:)). If you are a infantry squad thats fine with me, also no problem if you are a Special Ops squad/team doing hostage rescue missions or missions combined with CQB and blowing up things or LRRP missions Im in - if you do all of it then I have to say I have x52 HOTAS Joystick (vanila) + pedals if needed as I have been simming for years, but would like to admit that I do not mind having my feet on the ground or in the water when it comes to ARMA (not flying as a pilot). To the HOTAS you can also add TS and headset and Track IR so all should be fine in that department :) Im in the EU time zone and that would be GMT+1 if Im not wrong (correct me if I am). I have a family to take care of as well - no dog(s) :p The first time I saw the light was in 1963 :D and of cause did I serve my country from 79-84 (at that time you could sign up for servic as young as 16 if you got permission from your parents). I speak Danish, Swedish, English and some German (understand German quite well better that I speak it at the moment). Regarding ARMA. I started out with ARMA II and joined public servers - mostly Domination servers and found some nice team play from time to time, though never been in an ARMA squad. So! Why not try that now and get some nice ARMA quality time with some nice people from around the world. Im quite an easy and relaxed person, who ask questions if I dont understand something and continue until I do :D PM me or reply to this thread and introduce yourself and your squad, will be happy to hear from you. Cheers WetNeptune
  2. WetNeptune

    Why to people play so much Life and Wasteland?

    What is life servers? What type of game play is it. Im on and of as you because of IRL. Finding a group would be the best solution as there are alot of people out there, who can teach you alot about ARMA and team play. My own personal opinion about getting into a group/clan is - you have to be there and that`s my problem simply because not being there do, that I somehow feel guilty - people do invest alot of time in you/me and find giveing something back is the right way doing it. On ARMA II I was lucky to find a player who I found very good to team up with. We would mostly do side missions and when entering the server he alway asked me if I would like to do some side mission and of we vent. It could be only the two of us (mostly) and some time 3-4 other players- I liked that. It was on the danish [HUD] Server - so if your out there and play ARMA III give me a PM :D forgot your player name. Regarding Wasteland gameplay. It could be that the tactical level are more on the personal level, meaning only yourself to blame if something goes wrong - you dont have to concentrate on the the team aspect of it.
  3. WetNeptune

    Around 50% are roleplaying servers

    Thx Masharra will look into it :cheers:
  4. WetNeptune

    Why isn't Capture the Island more popular?

    Wasteland is just GTA in ARMA III imo. DayZ. No comments!!! No interest for any of them. You will be surpriced how many "adults" or what ever called, play these mods.
  5. WetNeptune

    Around 50% are roleplaying servers

    I'm a little afraid that ARMA III can go meet the same fate as ARMA II. I do not know if it is naive and believe that stand-alone RPG will solve the problem - have seen on other forums and in video comments, where these players have said, that they see no reason for these stand alones because they have ARMA III mods (will not buy them). Personally, I should not like to be forced to join a clan to meet these actions (current situation in ARMA II). Should it be necessary, then I think that ARMA III will die out for the people who do not have the time or want a clan membership. Right now looking at the Steam forum a great dissociation from these mods can be followed with great interest. I do not know if it's because ARMA is too difficult at the tactical level, thereby making the new players move over to these mods - have seen some of the older players do the same, but it's sad because ARMA is much more than that. I belive it have alot to do with mind set, when playing these mods (is not intended to be personal against any we are free to play, what we want to play). Lets se what the future for ARMA III will bring us - Im still positive :D
  6. My thoughts are with his family. R:I:P Rene http://oefkia.blogspot.se/2013/01/danish-special-forces-commando-rene.html
  7. WetNeptune

    British Para Beret

    Like this one http://www.tsknudsen.dk/march%20010.jpg Better picture here http://www.bt.dk/sites/default/files-dk/node-images/796/2/2796018-claus-a-wammen-chef-for-jgerkorpset.jpg
  8. Absolutely fantastic. Waiting for the next one, and the next one
  9. @ QuiteFranklyMyMaN, That`s covered and working. Only problem left are the 3rd script (se my reply above). My problem is that the circumstances under which the script is activated - I need an example.
  10. WetNeptune

    [RG]Bravo Two Zero Arma3 by Lightninguk

    Nice to meet you Lightninguk, Sir Denmark, 1979-1984 LRRP, Danish Division. Feels along time ago :cheers::bigsmile:
  11. WetNeptune

    [RG]Bravo Two Zero Arma3 by Lightninguk

    Here is a slightly different picture of B2Z. I have no official opinion about the patrol and therefore it is not my intention to start a discussion about what happened. I am sorry if anyone's image of B2Z is turned 180 degrees, but as a former member of my own country's armed forces (five years of service), I can`t be surprised if there is a curse on the whole thing from start to finish. There are four videos:
  12. It worked :) Thank You very much. The last script. The way I understand it the whole team should be able to change gear without any command. What situation is required so the other team members (AI) execute the change? Could be Im missing something or misunderstand. All team members have backpacks and they are checked for proper equipment in them, appreciate any clarification, help, advise. Kind Regards WetNeptune
  13. Hi, Im sorry, but Im alittle in the dark regarding scripts and how to use it. lets say I have placed a frogman on the map in mission editor. What do I do next? Im sorry about this Gents - could someone help me out. Being a midlife gentleman and have played ARMA II alot I have not used scripts, this is the first time I try it - this script seems too outstanding to pass and a big respect to the Gentleman, who made this. Kind Regards WetNeptune