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    Arma3 Videos

    Quick Wasteland tutorial, see many peeps on the servers not knowing whats what, so here it is:
  2. PaxtonMega

    Arma3 Videos

    Third and last part, finally, enjoy this fine crafted videos and listen to me at the beginning of the video ;)
  3. PaxtonMega

    Arma3 Videos

    Epsiode two of Wasteland Ubersquad ® :D I hope you enjoy it...
  4. PaxtonMega

    Arma3 Videos

    Some Wasteland moments. We teamed up with some randoms and formed the most beastly squad I ever enjoyed playing with. Enjoy dem videos guys and gals
  5. Hey Scripters and Coders :) I just finished making my very own little co-op mission with everything needed but Mission-Tasks, Briefing and CrateFiller in seperate .sqf config files. Since I want to share my mission with the community and it keeps b*tching a bit when it comes to actually successfully loading these files I am currently searching for a way to integrate these scripts into the edited mission itself so I can just give out the .pbo rather than the full package of files. Anyone up for telling me where to put these files? Thanks in advance, Pax
  6. Hey BIS Friends and Modders around, I wondered how it would work to get to play old missions on old maps that are importable. I managed to get Weapons and Vehicles of Chernarus and Takistan alongside the maps into the game and fiddled around in the editor. Sadly I didn't find Chernarus in the "Host new session" tab under multiplayer. Does anyone of you know how to get that running maybe? Saw videos of peeps playing together in Chernarus or even on Taviana. Maybe I am just too dumb to use the Search Function correctly and it's allready on here. Please help me out :)
  7. PaxtonMega

    German Two-Man-Co-Op Group seeks Team-Mates

    All of you, add me on Skype: Shibuhya , in the message tell me your forum name so I won't accept any randoms that read the forums ;)
  8. PaxtonMega

    Arma3 Videos

    Three tutorials I made for beginners and new-comers on the new systems as well as Veteran's seeking for impressions on the new systems as well, more up soon, currently uploading a new one, will post that as soon as it's online :) New Movement System New Combat Feeling New Inventory and Weight System EDIT EDIT EDIT Helicopter Tutorial: simple, easy, improving skills, that's who I am, thats how I roll. (You can allways request videos about certain stuff peeps!)
  9. PaxtonMega

    German Two-Man-Co-Op Group seeks Team-Mates

    Good thing I have now 2 posts and be able to reply to you two :D coming in in a few minutes -Pax
  10. Here it is, we are two very co-op friendly buddies, searching for 2-3 german players to team up with. I write this in english so everybody knows whats up. Please reply here and I will get back to you as soon as i can and hand out my skype name via pm. We LOVE Co-op missions and search for some crazy-funny peeps to play half-serious/half-screwing-around rounds of various co-ops with. Co-Op missions are coming and coming for the new ALPHA and we enjoy teamplay over multiplayer skirmish, a bit tactical moving, some AI-Kicking and joking roughly when the AI once again bugs out. We look forward to play some missions in style and just have some fun! There won't be a "audition" or something, but we will talk a few words with you before we go play with you, just to make sure you're not a troll ;) Greetings, PaxtonMega Edit: You should be 18 or older and a bit mature, yet still we can become little giggling kids in the matter of seconds if the joke was dope, you get me i guess, thats all, out!