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  1. I remember when I installed IFA3 for the first time it was listed under featured mods of Arma III, with a collection ready to install, can we have it back please ? I think would make things easier.
  2. Hey guys, I may need a little of help with PWS IFA3, in the past I installed it no problem and in one click, IFA3 was even in the featured mods (now no more ?) Now after formatting, I tried to install IFA3 again, below the collection I made (I have both IF and AII installed) http://i.imgur.com/kEqlxRK.jpg Bu no luck, I get this error and IFA3 wont even start http://i.imgur.com/KbbVCUb.jpg Problem is I can't go the manual way, in my group all people are used to get things done with PWS and so without PWS I will never convince them to get IFA3 again.
  3. Hey guys I formatted my pc, now I'am in the process of reinstalling IFA3, tutorial links for PWS are down I think. Can you remember me the single mods needed in the IFA3 collection with PWS ? I have both IF and AII installed thanks
  4. Hey guys, do you know if the revive system works yet ? I placed the module but no luck for me
  5. Well, I agree about the bullet count being no good, but having nothing on screen for me would be nice looking but that's just visually realistic, the fact that you have no feedbacks about stances, resting and other things is not realistic for me, in reality you would know and feel many more things than ...nothing, so yes I think being a videogame you have to accept some compromises, otherwise you would have your visual reality but you will be also quite isolated from the virtual world surrounding you, unable to understand many things. I don't agree that the less you see on screen and the more a game is realistic. So yeah, I still hope in a modified and more realistic crosshair, one that doesn't allow you accuracy shooting while not aiming, if you don't want that then you can eventually just stay with your settings, with crosshair and all the rest off. I would also enjoy having a rough stamina bar, again nothing precise, maybe just some colours indicating how tired you are.
  6. Nice, thanks for reply, I will try it out Edit: as a suggestion, please add it in first page under controls, I had other friends with this issue
  7. Maybe in Counter Strike you don't see the problem of lack of "feeling" of your body positioning and where your arms are because there you can't move your head, but believe me that for me, once I move my head, and specially if I'am usisng track IR, becomes very hard to tell where I'am pointing without having a reference, when you start moving your head independently you no more aiming in the mid of the screen. And I use the Crosshair not just for aiming but also to help me moving Body and Head independently. The debate Yes/No Crosshair I think can go on for a while and it's interesting, personally I don't think the ones not using crosshair are wrong, I myself for a while stopped using it as I don't really like the vanilla one. The solution can simply be for the ACE 3 team, if they willing to :pray:, to modify the vanilla Crosshair in a way that it gives you so much less accuracy and to become just a point of reference, then the ones not willing to use it can just turn it off from usual in game difficulty options. For me something like this would be already good , the problem is I can't find an Arma 3 mod doing that, just one Arma 2 mod, and I'am unable to do it myself : (Then if the ACE 3 team reinvent the way the crosshair is or find a more realistic solution , even better : ) keep up the good work cheers :cheers:
  8. Maybe I was not clear but I don't like the vanilla game crosshair, and that's why I'am here, the vanilla crosshair allow for too accurate shooting while personally I would like to have something minimal like this I like realism, I'am passionate of Osprey books and I read a tons of them, but I also have an open mind and I know this is a game, we shooting using a mouse and in games you can't have certain "feelings" like feeling your arms/body/weapon positioning. In game I know where my weapon is pointing just because I see my weapon (when I'am able to see it) and because I see tracers/bullet impacts, in reality I know it by also feeling my body, and I'am not saying that you can shoot with accuracy without aiming but just that in reality you have that extra feeling that in a game is missing. If in AIII for example I aim my weapon against a door and then I move my head in the other direction, I know my weapon is pointing there because I memorized the fact that I'am aiming there, in reality I would know that I'am aiming there not just because I memorized my action but also because I can feel my body is pointing there, it's pretty different, that's what I think the crosshair represent, it helps you in having a reference of your body, it's like the Stance/Resting indicator. I know my english is not the best so I'll just link dslyecxi opinion as I think he made some good points http://blog.dslyecxi.com/post/28884709725/hey-dslyecxi-i-noticed-that-you-guys-play-with Mine was just a suggestion and hope, I don't want to force or convince other people that using the crosshair is realistic, however I know some share my vision and for us would be cool to have a more realistic crosshair, just that, it would be just an option to chose from, nothing mandatory.
  9. wow this mod is fantastic !, I don't know why I never used it before , I hope to see it in ACE3 too. question, I love the feature to be able to lock a Drone camera on a map point, is there a way to then unlock it ?
  10. HaZZarD

    end game join group ?

    Oh that's great ! pretty simple and it worked, a thing which is rare these days lol , thanks !
  11. HaZZarD

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Thanks for your suggestion For now, thanks to JShock suggestion, I found this interesting script, ATLAS Squad Manager http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27742 Edit: Found this too which maybe is the best http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?191080-end-game-join-group&p=2924549&viewfull=1#post2924549 I'am going to use it untill ACE3 ------------------------- Sorry If I ask to you too but, is there any realistic crosshair mod out there ? I'am struggling to find one, all I have found is this one BUT for Arma II : ( http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7388
  12. HaZZarD

    end game join group ?

    Nice, many thanks ! ---- Edit: sorry if a bit offtopic and if I take advantage of your great knowledge but I' am really unable to find it anywhere : ( do you know any way to make the crosshair more realistic/less accurate ? I was searching for something like the mod below. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7388