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  1. That's why it's still in Alpha. Once it goes full release, we'll see better optimization and CPU utilization.
  2. I meant by making the game use GPU PhysX you drastically increase the performance and eye candy on machines with NVIDIA cards. Especially in a game like ARMA3 where it hits the CPU super hard, not leaving much left for PhysX. I hope after the optimization that SHOULD come, the CPU hit would be less, thus leaving the CPU available to PhysX calculations faster and in more quantities.
  3. No, it isn't. The PhysX SDK uses an API, and is run on the CPU. There is an option with NVIDIA card to run on the GPU. But, forcing the PhysX to the GPU means they are using the PhysX engine, thus eliminating AMD cards.
  4. That, and GPU PhysX would eliminate anyone with a Radeon card.
  5. brfield

    Mic Not Transmitting

    Anyone have any kind of idea for this?
  6. brfield

    Mic Not Transmitting

    No I do not. When I go into steam, I can hit the test mic button, and it repeats to me my voice. Windows' little green bar graph thingy reacts, I can use Mumble (currently shut off).
  7. brfield

    Low performance on ATI Cards?

    I just bought a 7950 to pop in my rig to replace my GTX 560 TI, and the free games don't hurt ;) I think I might keep my 560 in and try to Hybrid PhysX
  8. brfield

    Mic Not Transmitting

    Yes I do.
  9. brfield

    Mic Not Transmitting

    Mine just doesn't work at all with ArmA 3
  10. My mic isn't working with ArmA 3 for some odd reason. Works with anything else I try it on to test with. It isn't (or should be) locked by any other programs. Only thing on my machine using the mic right now is Steam and ArmA. Steam sees my mic and detects my voice flawlessly, as I can use it in DOTA and other games. Yet in ArmA I get nothing.
  11. brfield

    Flying Helicopters

    Thanks, really helped. Those choppers are a lat easier than the one in the mission.
  12. brfield

    Flying Helicopters

    I don't even know how to get the little bird lol. All I can get is the mission with the helicopter.
  13. It's just that you could have put the instructions up. Running the server under Linux opens it up to more people. You could get more performance from the same machine on Linux than Windows due to free resources on a properly tuned machine.
  14. If you aren't going to share then why post? That's kinda like "Hey I know how to get a guaranteed job after graduation, but you'll have to figure it out on your own. Sorry."
  15. So, I can't get the hang of it. I can fly them, but not aim or hit any targets. I have tried with my Xbox controller, but it just seems off. Sharing Keymaps would be great! Other than that, mouse & keyboard is so hard to keep it under control for me. Any tips?