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  1. I bought the supporters edition but i have not been told about how to get my extra perks. I have been given the arma x bundle, alpha beta and full game keys, alpha lite invites. The question i have is where can i get access to the supporters area, Also how will i get the extra DLC in game? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but this one seems to be the right one.
  2. Alpha is alpha you've got to remember that it won't be perfect. alphas and betas make the game into final products into the complete game/software. I think if i was bohemia i'd rather screw up alpha purchases rather than full release purchases
  3. I sent an email on Saturday and have not had a reply yet. I realize that you guys have had a lot of tickets submitted in the last few days but i am desperate to play the game and i am considering just buying the deluxe edition instead of the supporters edition. heres the email i sent and the ticket number: ticket #43877 I am trying to purchase the supporters edition of arma 3 with a credit card through Worldpayments Europe but it keeps coming up with this error code: 30-1002. I was really looking forward to playing the game but it is being dented by this problem with your credit card transactions. The sooner i get a reply the better, thanks, caledoniacation
  4. i have tried several time using the credit card company bohemia uses but i keep getting the error code: 30-1002 any help would be appreciated