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  1. Im loving this, especially hunt in the woods, Is there any way to change it to night time? Or it would be amazing if you could make a quick nighttime version of hunt in the woods for me, I would love you for ever!!!
  2. Hi there, thanks for releasing Virtual TrainingSpace 3.5, its very complex and im still getting to grips with it but thanks! Was hoping I could ask you a few questions about it, Firstly is there any way to disable the other teams apart from red and blue, when im trying to set a mission up its slightly annoying to have people joining the civ team. The biggest question I was wondering, would it be possible to somehow make the gamemaster admin only and even better would it be possible to merge it with other game modes? For example the Blitzkrieg missions are great fun and I was looking for a way to turn them to nighttime. Thanks!
  3. Are there any other ways of external moderation?