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  1. How to start the custom MP mission with a friend, I cant find where to put him down in the editor... What I mean is: I open the server he can find it without problems, join it but when I edit the the mission I cant start it... I put down myself, enemies, vehicles but can not find where to put down real player I can not start the game. How do I put in a real player and start the mission? Thanks.
  2. mestido

    How to change FOV(field of view)?

    Thanks for the info. Hope in the future FOV slider will be added to the game menu. :)
  3. Is that possible? I do not see any in game options for that... kinda strange for a true PC fps game. Am I Missing Something?
  4. Could someone explain what this option exactly does?
  5. mestido

    Where can I download mod tools?

    Great, thanks for the reply. :)
  6. I don't see it in steam list of mods. Or it is not available yet?
  7. Will it be possible to change the game completely? I mean, like in BF2 was WW2/WW1/Pirates mod/Project reality mod and stuff like that. Thanks.
  8. My i5 2500k is not oc'd atm and I am getting around 40-60 fps on high. I never was into overclocking... What kind of boost I can get with OC?
  9. Will I have more fps with i7 3770? At this moment I have i5 2500k. Is there a reason to upgrade?