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  1. TheSensorium


    Is anybody else interested in clan matches for A3 pre release? Yes, the game is a bit wobbly - but I'm itching to play competitively.
  2. Contrails, thanks for that - it has helped. Now to look into the different arguments that I can use with playsound - Unfortunately, both playsound and 'say' work fine for local clients, but the .ogg cannot be heard by others in the immediate vicinity. Now it's time to do some searching to see how other local players can hear the sound! Thanks again for your help :)
  3. class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {samplesound}; class samplesound { name = "samplesound"; sound[] = {"samplesound.ogg", db-10, 1.0}; titles[] = {}; }; };
  4. What you are saying is common practice in most things, but for some reason just isn't working in my case. It will not reference from the mission folder for whatever reason. The sound will not be played when instructed with \sounds\filename.ogg (as, like you say - it's inside a folder called 'sounds' within the mission file test.stratis. This sound file will only play if I use the entire folder tree from c:// upwards. I know this is supposed to work, but it isn't - and this is what is making me think that maybe there are unique ways of modding with ARMA that you wouldn't normally do with any other game/project. By the way - I'm not trying to reference a script - referencing a script works fine - it's playing a sound file VIA a script I'm having the problem with using playsound3D
  5. 'If you choose to put script files in folders, they are then accessed by relative path of the mission.sqf file' - a direct quote from an A2 scripting guide - yet if I reference any sound in scripts from the same folder - it wont work. There are many modders out there with the same questions, and with this thread - I hope to explain what one of the number one questions is: How do we WORK WITH ARMA to create mods? Many 'modders' out there can write scripts, can get their heads round relatively easy functions, if statements and the likes, but just don't know how to configure these scripts to work with ARMA's mission files. What makes ARMA's file infrastructure different to everything else? That's the question quite a few modders have right now. If you are a veteran/experience ARMA modder (both past and present), what would be your number one piece of advice for modders new to the ARMA series?
  6. Hi Guys, just a quick thread as I'm new to modding: I want to play a custom .wav sound when an option is pressed in the contextial menu in game (eg, when pressing middle mouse/tide key) I've managed to get the option in game working fine and I can scroll over it, the problem is that the .wav file WILL NOT PLAY unless I include the full folder tree directory starting from C:// onwards. This is bad as other users' folder heirarch obvioulsy wont be the same as mine. To clarify: I can get the .wav to play when I include the entire folder heirarchy in code, so the formatting is right, It just will not play if I only include from the mission folder upwards. Any advice? Thanks TheSensorium
  7. TheSensorium

    ARMA3 Multiplayer Heavy Laggs

    Not likely, make sure that you've also turned all post processing and V-Sync off.
  8. TheSensorium

    Multiplayer Clans

    Hi Guys, this thread is posted in the Squads and Fan Pages section of the forums, but it is also relevant to the Multiplayer forum and besides, more people look at this forum. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148486-Possibly-looking-for-a-clan&p=2321869#post2321869 Have a read and let me know :D TheSensorium
  9. TheSensorium

    MP Mission: Bomb Da Base TVT16,32

    Me and my cousin will help you test if you like. ---------- Post added at 12:46 ---------- Previous post was at 12:40 ---------- Ignore that, you want your mission hosted don't you. Thought you wanted players.
  10. TheSensorium

    Anyone else having crashes?

    I get crashes when trying to join some custom playmodes. Isn't bothering me too much though, like you say it's alpha. It's weird though how it will only happen on some clients and not all
  11. TheSensorium

    New to ARMA 3

    Hi, I'm new too. Me and my cousin are looking to get into ARMA III straight from the alpha. We are pretty new to the ARMA Series (apart from playing DayZ) but we will also be modding the game a little too. We also want to learn the ropes too but will mainly want to be doing multiplayer PvP and modding content intended for this playstyle also. TheSensorium