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  1. Just finished, I may need to upgrade my graphics card soon :P
  2. Voice Acting has got to go.

    I don't mind the voices, they aren't that bad.
  3. Urban Patrol Script

    Much appreciated! Time to start up a new mission.
  4. Hacking

    Yeah, I wouldn't jump the gun the game is still in Alpha if you don't like it don't play it, it's as simple as that.
  5. Iraq 2003 Invasion. An Episodic Mod - ARMA 3

    Sounds alright, I hope it turns out well it seems like a worthy project.
  6. Changing weapon while moving?

    I honestly think that it isn't too bad, In real life you can pull a pistol from a holster pretty quick if you want to, stopping to change weapons isn't exactly practical when you are evading an enemy.
  7. Price of Supporters Edition - Arma 3 BIStudio

    I payed about 89 when I purchased it so I have no Idea.
  8. OPFOR too Futuristic?

    I think they are fine, the vehicles aren't fictional and the Infantry doesn't look too bad. But that's just my Opinion.
  9. My first impression was a simple Wow, The textures look great, the vehicles and their interiors look so real. So I love the look, I can't judge anything else yet because I have only just started playing.