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    Anyone developing some Campaigns? - trying to make a repository thread.
  2. Anyone have any single player missions that they have created for A3? - trying to make a repository thread.
  3. So my AI team mates are shouting about targets bearings, but all I have is a cardinal compass and an O'clock indicator. Am I missing something? surly targets should be identified by one means only. i.e. when infantry in urban environment, use "enemy rifleman, 12 O'clock/front, close/far" but when flying and you actually have a bearing compass, then use "target, bearing 078, 600 meters" Oh, and before some kid gives me a lesson on how a compass works, I know how bearings and cardinal headings relate, but I hate whipping out a compass each time my AI team mate refers to an enemy on a bearing. What is used in real combat, and do we have the same indicating equipment? I would be interested in the actual military procedures used for threat direction and ranging.
  4. Yeah, I've never played SOCOM, but it looks like a great game. Im dying to learn how to make SP missions but cant find any tutorials out there for noobs. I wish I could find a repository for user made missions, SP and MP. All that I see out there is MP which is a bunch of guys running around like headless chickens, lets make some rich, in depth, immersive content that requires strategy to accomplish your goals, not just run and shoot stuff.