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  1. sgthunter

    Jets unable to move on the ground

    Yeah I noticed this too... when i turned the airplane lights on or off it started moving again... But it could of been a coincidence.
  2. sgthunter

    Altis: Which Mod are you waiting for?

    I liked the ArmA 2 Evolution missions where you take over the whole island town by town :p The life missions need a lot more work on ArmA 3 as well.
  3. sgthunter

    Game fps drops to 1 after some minutes

    I had this on my PC that used windows 7 32bit... that operative system seems to use less than 4gb RAM which caused the game to have 1fps... on a 64bit system it used full 8 gb RAM so you can play for an hour before your fps drops to 7 :o
  4. just a random question... does the hard drive actually matter when it comes to game performance? I have an SSD that has the OS on it... and everything else is on an old external drive. Should I move steam on to the SSD? :O
  5. sgthunter

    AMD FX-8350 VS Intel 4670 for ArmA 3

    AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core is better. And I am not just saying that because I use one... there is a website called cpubenchmark.net where you can compare them.
  6. sgthunter

    1-2 FPS on Altis and 60 fps on stratis.

    same here... 1fps is killing me
  7. sgthunter

    1-2 FPS on Altis and 60 fps on stratis.

    I got 64bit Windows 7 Pro... and the 1-fps problem. but the map_altis_data.pbox fixed it for now.
  8. the update for dev build increased my fps by 100% anyone else?
  9. sgthunter

    Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    Aww that's a shame... the best Arma 3 parts are the two things that Alpha Lite people don't get. MP and Mods.
  10. The OP is fascinating. Last thing I expected was for someone to dislike the removal/decrease of clunkyness that the other ArmA games had. But I guess conservatism within the gaming world ain't a new thing
  11. It was just a coincidence that it crashed when I used PwS and didn't crash when I didn't use it... Now it crashes randomly which makes it an ArmA 3 problem. Yeah steam updates the game so I don't need to worry about that. Can't wait to play ACE! :D
  12. Sickboy!!!! ur still alive? I have been experiencing slight crashes when I use this to join a server. (get one of those popups "Arma 3 Alpha has stopped working." as the mission loads) Not sure if anyone else has this.