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  1. Faith

    [Template ArmA 3] for file "squad.xml"

    Yep thats right as Dale had said, that is why you are not seeing your logo appear
  2. Work in progress already, don't have a ETA for you though.
  3. I have also contacted Support about me creating an store account and buying the supporter edition of arma3, however I cannon't login via http://www.bistudio.com/ But can login to my store account, Forums account. Also when I bought the supporter edition, it said users will receive a forums supporting dev team badge, I have yet to see that applied.
  4. A bug in the script file, possibly not triggering the acknowledgement?
  5. Faith

    They better have female soldiers...

    Ah I think that women models should be added into the game, Here's an example if you have ever watched the original movie "S.W.A.T." Now in the movie there is one female on the SWAT team, so why not treat games in a similar way? Of course we can keep coming out with games that only feature men, but that gets a little old. People just want a mix of genders within the game playing as the military, So say you have 6 team members in your squad we could make it fair and balance it out so 1-2 women in that six group squad. It's fair, doesn't have all dudes running in a six man group, basically people want the feature for female models to be added is because it can be used for certain type of missions or Role Playing. Why do you think when Gears of Wars 3 came out they included female models in the game? It had more playable men models but also had some playable female models, And there much much rave about how they put female models in the game for the first time, gamer's were thrilled to see that after reading the reviews.
  6. What script are you using to respawn vehicles? I'm looking for one of those.
  7. Faith

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive!

    Haha, that joke just made my day, thank you for that! I'm seeing much improvements, keep em coming. :)