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  1. For people trying to contact the creator: Although the forum doesn't show it for some reason, @SaOk has been banned for month (here is a screen from elsewhere). He can only communicate via Twitter @TheRealSaOk and the Workshop mission pages.
  2. Magirot

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    How do you use the flashlights? They show with no ammo, and the custom flare (green) which Arsenal says is the ammo for them doesn't go in. Is there a special button that turns them on or something? Edit: Well, what could that special button be... Yes, L. Sorry about that. Great addon!
  3. Magirot

    Killoch's MultiNational Pack

    This is still an issue in the newer patches of the mod, by the way. But thank you for your work, I had managed to miss that there was a newer version than 3.0.
  4. First of all, thank you to everyone who's worked with this project! All of the vehicle-mounted machineguns (PK, DShKM, M2) seem to leave a screeching/repeating sound playing while the gun is being loaded. Is this only on my end or a larger issue? (Loaded: newest CBA, new CUP mods after deleting the old folders) Video of what it sounds like: https://youtu.be/RiHpowHpb8s
  5. Just realised I had made a really dumb mistake while cleaning it up, and the "if dedicated server, exit" check was the wrong way around. D: It's fixed now, sorry. I really should've ran a test after any edits.
  6. There's no prepared function, and I think it's pretty hard to do yourself, since available cargo space of an object is checked from CfgVehicles. But I agree that cargo space for the slingloadable cargo containers would be a good feature. I asked about it in the feature requests issue on github. Edit: commy2 replied: "Cargo space for helicopters didn't make it in 3.2.0. Thats part of it and planned." --- Question about interaction menu actions: I know how to add actions to the pre-existing categories, but I can't figure out if it's possible to add new categories for actions. Could anyone nudge me to the right direction if it's possible?
  7. I think that is the same Land_Ammostore2 that Sahrani uses, and which can be closed. The door names are "Door1" and "Door2". Also for whatever reason, the state for closing these doors is 1, not 0. Edit: Code for the game logic: 0 = [getpos this, 100] spawn { sleep 0.1; { _x animate ["Door1", 1, TRUE]; _x animate ["Door2", 1, TRUE]; } foreach ((_this select 0) nearObjects (_this select 1)) }
  8. You can use spawn there, though: nul = this spawn { sleep 60; deleteVehicle _this; }; Edit: Forgot the handle.
  9. There are probably hundreds of mission specific systems people have created, but I haven't seen any posted on these forums. So here's a really simple one I've been using. All it does is check if the player equips a weapon, compares this to when hostile sides have last spotted the unit, and then adjusts with setCaptive. It also has various settings for setting up restricted areas, disallowing faction vehicles, and not allowing driving off the road. See the settings. The script runs locally. pastebin for an easier paste. Please share your own similar systems, suggestions of improvements to the above, or anything relevant I've missed on these forums! Edit: Switched tab indentation to four spaces so all them ifs don't take quite so much space horizontally.
  10. Have you defined the sounds in description.ext? It's required since the instructions speak of class names instead of filenames. CfgSounds
  11. Magirot

    Tab My squad

    Really nice little mod, thank you! I was wondering if removing the Team tab is necessary, though. I think the tab still serves a purpose, since it's short and easy to look over quickly, while the new loadout entry is longer and more detailed, but harder to glimpse if you just want to know who is in your team. I modified it for our group already, but maybe there are others who would prefer keeping the Team tab too?
  12. Magirot

    Eden Feature Requests

    I see a feedback ticket exists, vote for it if you can: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=25808 If this is already planned, then please confirm, Bohemia!
  13. Magirot

    MGSR Mod

    Where's the suit from, if you don't mind me asking? I don't see it mentioned in any of the mods listed for the trailer. Except AiA with A2 models, of course, but A3 headgear wouldn't work with those. Edit: Oh, TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms had the suit in it at least, I never noticed them.
  14. Magirot

    Eden Feature Requests

    This is the most important thing, but I think they mentioned plans to add Arsenal to the editor. If that's true, then great!
  15. I didn't see it either. Maybe it's not enabled by default anymore? Edit: Doesn't seem to be that, opened an issue (2570) Edit 2: We need to change the "Require Surrendering" setting to "No" in the captive system if we want to allow the previous behaviour, either through the module or in userconfig: