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  1. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    Better animations?

    We need a knife throwing anim.
  2. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    AI in HMG vehicles too accurate against helis.

  3. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    FIX the SDAR UW SMG, Does not do damage

    So I must carry dual-purpose mags AND stanag? Now there's my problem...
  4. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    Headshake/bob whlie running...

    Yeah I know, I'm just stating the obvious.
  5. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    Headshake/bob whlie running...

    I disliked it intensely, as myself when running do not shake like that at sudden stop.
  6. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    WIll the finale game be better optimized?

    It better be considering it's going to cost twice as much. ---------- Post added at 01:55 ---------- Previous post was at 01:54 ---------- yeah this, IT'S THE ALPHAA I mean, people are lucky we even have sound. Or multiplayer. This game probably releases around November 2013.
  8. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    Any tweaks to increase ArmA 3 alpha's performance?

    Switch to very high settings.
  9. Because IT'S the ALPHA.
  10. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    FIX the SDAR UW SMG, Does not do damage

    I'm on land, 50 yards away from the target, even point blank, Here: Pistol: 5 shots, they're down. One shot to the head, they're down. SDAR: 20 shots. Maybe they die.
  11. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    [Mission] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Arma 3

    Seriously, is this single player or multiplayer content, we'd all love to know....
  12. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    How to find specific item IDs?

    no one??
  13. I need the itm code for the BlueFor Wet Suit item, and a few others, how do I discover the item IDs of specific equipment myself? _playerc addUniform "U_OI_CombatUniform_ocamo"; just cant figure out what uniform is what, etc.
  14. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    [Mission] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Arma 3

    Is this for single player or intended for multiplayer???
  15. QuiteFranklyMyMaN

    FIX the SDAR UW SMG, Does not do damage

    Nevermind, it kills, but I need to hit them right in the face, or empty 2 clips into someone to drop them. My god, I'd rather just charge at someone at that point. It's worse than the pistol.