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  1. Gorbachev

    If disabled people play in ArmA 3

    Some of us are just plain introverts that don't want to bullshit with you via microphone. If I'm required to use it I simply don't play there. If I wanted to talk to human beings I would go outside.
  2. Gorbachev

    boarding animation

    Even without any boarding animations I'd prefer no fading black transitions. It's just annoying.
  3. Gorbachev

    Vehicle Handling

    I think they're on the right track but it's still atrocious. As said before, the power of a vehicle needs to be defined by the power of the engine, not its top speed. It should be possible to do fish tails, burn outs up against buildings and all sorts of things that I'm just not seeing yet in the game. Not that these are crucial to the game but it certainly provides a more realistic experience when a vehicle responds as it should in real life. I'd like to see differentials, torque, gear ratios and plain old horse power modeled in some way. The devs should look at the (surprisingly realistic) way car physics were implemented in to GTA4 and improve on it.
  4. This changes with both screen size and resolution. They just have to find a good all around middle ground.
  5. Gorbachev

    elaboration about how to improve effects

    Most games make great use of sprites. They're efficient and look as good as the texture used on them.. I'd be all for that.
  6. Thank you, I wasn't aware of this. I had managed to accidentally bring this old menu up but wasn't sure how.
  7. I am also confused by this. In ArmA3 they seem to have hid most of the actions that were available in ArmA 1 and 2. You could send a lone unit 5km away, select him and choose all available actions near him. Including a list of nearby vehicles you could order him to get into, ladders to climb and doors to open. Why this is not easily accessible anymore is beyond me.
  8. I share the same sentiment. It happened with Red Orchestra 2's release. I understand the fear and hatred towards "make things more accessible" but we're not talking about turning one of the finest WWII games into a CoD wannabe. It's a simple menu and it's bad.
  9. All I'm seeing is an irrational fear of change. I liked it well enough up until and through ArmA2 but that doesn't change the fact that it's bad design. I'm not suggesting removing it entirely but changing how it functions and what entries should appear in it. Basic actions like opening doors and climbing ladders should not be among them.
  10. Indeed. ArmA3 claims to be all about streamlining the gameplay mechanics but they seem to have stopped at animation fluidity. Fighting the scroll menu to open only one of 3 nearby doors is not good design. It's like a not so fun guessing game. 3 doors in the list, hmm... I wonder which one I should choose to open the door I want to go through...
  11. Gorbachev

    Tips on flying a helicopter?

    Doing the same thing here. However I notice I'm unable to strafe as seen in shacktac videos where he tries out his rudder pedals. How would a person set the controls (with those sometimes very cryptic names) to allow this?
  12. Gorbachev

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    Agreed. I don't want any forced effects on my player character. Make the player value his life instead.
  13. I thought just moving all my games and applications out of Program Files x86 would cause them to automagically utilize the full capabilities of my i7. :j:
  14. RamDisks are indeed great for nearly every game that doesn't utilize a 64 bit architecture. 32GB systems can finally utilize their ram.
  15. Gorbachev

    Tips on flying a helicopter?

    I guess I'm the anomaly here. I fly exclusively with the keyboard and hold alt, let go to aim the helicopter precisely at targets with the mouse. Then go straight back to alt look. This includes landings without autohover for quicker landings.