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  1. How do I go about making the projectile tracings visible for every player and added back once they respawn? When people respawn tracing is gone and for some reason players that join later can not see players that joined earlier's tracing.
  2. I redownloaded it and everything that can be fixed now works. BUG: Upon respawn I can't throw grenades (even though it says I have them).
  3. BUGS: - Load on respawn broken. - Kits (toolkit, etc) do not get added to inventory. - Items get added to the wrong parts of inventory.
  4. BUGS: - Claymores don't get added. - The current magazine in your firearm is NOT loaded when you load. If you saved with 9 magazines (including the one in the gun), you will load and have 8 (including the one in the gun). This applies for pistols (save with two magazines, load with one the one in the gun) and rocket launchers (3 rockets at save, 2 rockets at load).
  5. Your script appears to lack 40mm grenades of every variant. Otherwise, great work!