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  1. I'm after something similar to this aswell. Wanting to use ground reinforcement convoys from bases to understrength fobs, and heli reinforcements from/to airbases resupplying understrength bases/airbases. Simulate some supply lines similar to warfare. So far my poor man's methods haven't produced anything functional. How will you deal with a full clear of the zone before the reinforcements arive? reinforcements become a counter-attack? I guess if it's a nearby ambient spawn it won't be a prob.
  2. Any plans on a arma 3 version? if not I shall cry many tears. (awesome work btw)
  3. Before the helicopters had physics underwater I was testing underwater flight in a wetsuit and an invulnerable heli! Now it's just invuln apc's and offroads (which move extremely slow). Funny to watch three apcs emerge from underwater and attack a town!
  4. version 1_9b and 1_9bdev ~ Good for a day lol. should I keep non dev or dev version updated? switching versions is a pain with dsl and no way to cache the changes. 1_9b changes -removed the brighter red color for activated grids -changed some text -altered spawn triggers (patrols spawn when flying over,seperated/added more triggers in larger towns with smaller activation radius for more closer encounters,military areas spawn when flying over, reduced radius of some of the smaller area's spawn triggers) -moved initial a.i spawn to the northern island so people don't see them spawn in the open and then tele into buildings -"fixed" the airbase/rogain cap/secure notification/task complete(may just remove non cache tasks) SG occupation v1_9b *non dev* v1_9b *non dev* SG occupation v1_9bdev v1_9bdev SG occupation v1_9bdeva *acre enabled version (with boxes and minor updates **teleport feature on mhq, notification of enemy near base**) v1_9bdev
  5. link for v1_9 is up in the OP. Would have released sooner but they kept breaking group links with towers making the map unplayable after every update last week. waited it out not wanting to release mission updates daily. People have reported that the new additions may be causing a performance decrease (I've removed swaths of h-barriers that will hopefully help/plan on removing more to make a water entry point for lavs in the base). tpw cas is disabled atm, along with the random weather. co-22 SG Ins Occupation v1_9 download -SG Occupation v1_9 changes -added panthers/more unmanned vehicles for ad-hoc transportation on the battlefield -replaced old mine locations with random vehicle patrols(plan to add in more spawn locations and tether to roads better) -added in basic teleport feature from base to helipads, and triggers for moving teleport markers to the airbase/rogain when they are secured(needs more work/markers will move back to base when area isn't secure) -added in 5man recon team bringing the unaltered version up to 30man(planning a "Palerider" edition with a limited supplies main base on pythos, a.i support via mortars,heli reinforcements,air taxi, etc, tethered to a "palerider" jtac class for solo or multiplay) -added in a portion of the bases fobs by blitzer and enhanced stratis by voodoo and populated (red squares with no visable buildings on the map) -altered the tower/heli reinforcement neutralization a bit. trans/com towers will cause a 30 min knockout radar towers a 1 hour ko. with destroying all 3 radar domes to completely neutralize enemy heli reinforcements -added in more heli reinforcement teams/altered their behavior to strictly land and hopefully fly off into the wild blue yonder change plans -randomize cache locations more -randomize enemy vehicle patrol spawns and heli reinforcement drop locations more -alter the enemy heli neutralization system after more testing -alter the airbase/rogain secure/capture method more -add in resupply trucks at the helipads -alter the respawn/teleport/mhq system to be more like domination(selectable spawn locations, multiple mhq's, etc) -separate and lower spawn trigger range in largely populated areas to help reduce lag/dysync caused by mass spawns -eventually alter the enemy spawns to spawn on one of the islands, and then be moved inside a building in the desired area (so you wont see teleporting baddies occasionally) -larger variety of enemy vehicles/helis encountered -intro/outro -better task/briefing, etc -fast roping and more~ *hotfixed* fixed broken trigger/tower group links to make the map playable again. recent update caused ungrouping of multiple towers/triggers. known issues to be hotfixed -offroad spawn inside building at tsoukala bay -ifrit spawn inside barrier at air base working on a non dev version.
  6. seems to be functioning on the ussocom domination mission/server.
  7. thanks for the comp. I'll definitely keep updating. there's a lot of arma 2 stuff being ported over just need to hitup armaholic! the starting time of day/weather is currently random. I can post a good weather sunny time of day version along with the regular. A lot of people don't seem to like the random effects. :D
  8. Just noticed the indie slot still on the map that I ment to delete along with some militarized zones I was testing (going to remove until I find a proximity spawning method for it instead of Init spawning). was a ultra quick scan and post this a.m before heading to work. will have a fix posted shortly. fixes should be up now. same download (just replaced the other)
  9. I'm back from hiatus! It's not the pvp insurgency, more-so basic coop insurgency. Posting a beta functional version with some changes to it! Will definitely look into adding more features and side missions. new stuff ~ beta equipment, unmanned enemy vehicles to capture, enemy helicopter reinforcements at the camp battles, moved the mines off roads(mostly) and nearby targets, demoing a transmitter tower (or com/radar at airbase) on the map will shut down enemy heli reinforcements, camp rogain can now be used as an ad-hoc f.o.b with enemy supplies, more service points, airlifting vehicles, halo jump flag (of doom), extra pilot slot, sniper team, and more. v1.8 download sg occupation
  10. why not swap side roles and have western insurgents defending against eastern forces?
  11. Just uploaded a hotfix version for 1.6. Just some minor changes. 1.7 will likely feature a new enemy reinforcement method and possibly enemy helicopter(s) v1.6 hotfix -Updated headcam script (L alt + numpad * to disable cam) -Fixed revive error (I had changed the map marker info when a unit is down incorrectly) -Took out the "if is server then" in the spawn barrier script (hopefully fixes it) -Enabled TPWlos -Fixed Bob's name (Sorry Bob!)
  12. I've been noticing a couple script errors that I'm pretty sure are related to new BTC revive updates, and performance drops afterwards. Could be something else though. I'll look into it.
  13. I need to enable the tpwLOS feature (currently disabled), which is just switching a 0 to a 1. Since the helmcam script is new, I'll prolly wait and see what changes it's creator makes before I start attempting to alter it too much. I'd definitely post feedback on the creator's forum here. Helmcam Thread As for the barrier construction sites.? They seem to be broken for dedicated hosts?
  14. Updated download to 1.6! v1.6 -Updated VAS system -Updated BTC revive -Added random time of day on startup -Added TPWcas -Added dynamic house lighting -Added helmcam system *requires tactical glasses to use* (toggle between groupmate's with proper headgear *ECH or ECH painted* using numpad * ) -Added random enemy boat spawns along western coastline & sabotage script for neutralizing them -Added bouys in larger harbor areas -Added diver corpsman -MHQ now respawns with VAS -Remodeled base (moved service area, ammo crates, added helipads, added/adjusted markers) -Added R3F logistics (limited to barrier transport in unarmed hunter mraps) -Added in transportable barrier construction zones initial tests ~ barrier construction site not working on dedicated.
  15. any chance of seeing the script inside the 3 sqf files it's calling? This looks exactly like what I'm wanting to add to my MHQ(though barriers instead of ammo box)! Will continue the search through the forums for more info.