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  1. It really doesn't make sense to have the NIGHTVISION goggles on my head for quick access during the daytime. It would be a lot better if the binoculars were there for quick access. I absolutely hate the way binoculars work right now, the long awkward animation for equipping them it just doesn't make sense.
  2. I can confirm that the module DOES NOT WORK for BIS_restriction. I just want a single PVP zone that everybody stays inside but it does not work.
  3. lokoroth

    strange AI-mortar behaviour

    I've also noticed when using AI mortors with the support module, they will fire off all their rounds (if they ARE in sight of any targets) right at the beginning of the mission, and will have none left when you call in support. I've gotten around this by parking cars around them to remove their vision. Relatedly, it seems they magically see through all sorts of trees an buildings and whatnot when they fire off all 16 round right at the beginning of the mission.
  4. No that doesn't solve the issue. When I am my team's grenadier, I don't have a scoped weapon. Not everybody wants/likes to have a custom loadout for every mission/scenario. It's 2035. You'd think they'd have the technology to make binoculars that clamp into the same mounting system as the nightvision goggles.
  5. I am trying to make my first feedback ticked for a bug with the Hunter HMG and GMG headlights, but it does "504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT" error every time. Apparently the feedback tracker does not work. Here's the bug: Hunter GMG and HMG right headlight not working The right headlight on the front of the Hunter GMG and HMG does not light up as it should. If you shoot out the other three it looks like there are none lighted but the affects of the front right one still show up on the ground. The regular Hunter does not have this problem, and neither do the Ifrits. Place an empty Hunter GMG or Hunter HMG in the map editor, set the time to night, preview it, turn on the lights, then get back out and look at the front of the vehicle. Maybe someone else can get the feedback tracker to work for them. I am using the Chrome browser. Can anybody confirm the headlight bug or that the feedback tracker is not working?
  6. As for creating a trigger that activates when BOTH civilian A and civilian B enter an area, I learned how to from MulleDK13's excellent Briefing Tutorial: Basically you have to group the civilians to each other, then group them to the trigger, and set the ACTIVATION to either "any group member" or "whole group". It would be "any group member" for NOT PRESENT but you want PRESENT, so it might be "whole group", i.e. "If whole group is present, then end#1"
  7. As a newcomer to the Arma series, one of the things I've been most exited about are the radio communications I've seen on Dslyecxi's channel in the ShackTak videos. I'm definitely disappointed to find out that's not actually in the game, and in most of the multiplayer games I've played, I end up just muting the VOIP because of the idiots. If there's a way to mute just 1 person, I haven't been able to figure it out yet. (google has not been helpful)
  8. Gosh I was wondering why it seemed so lame. There wasn't even any underwater fights! Guess I'll try it over again without the devbuild. Also, they broke a LOT with their latest build. My friend and I couldn't even play a MP game last night it was totally bugged. We would spawn as seagulls in the middle of the Ocean. Allthough, I had the devbuild and he didn't.
  9. lokoroth

    Can't equip backpacks

    I'm having this problem too, and with all the backpack types... All the other items in the crate work fine, just not the backpacks. Glad to know its not just me.
  10. lokoroth

    How to run Showcase missions in Multiplayer?

    I would also like to do this. I'm actually only interested in how they do their rearm in the heli showcase, since I'm having trouble getting the only code I have found to work. (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148406-Vehicle-Rearm-Refuel-and-Repair-Script&p=2321407&viewfull=1#post2321407) Edit: got the rearm stuff to work, but I'd still like to see the way BIS does it :)
  11. Thank so much for this! I had given up on making empty vehicles, but now I can do all the things!
  12. Its very pretty but my first feelings playing this game have mostly been frustration. When playing the helicopter mission (the first one I tried) I have somewhat gotten the hang of flying but WTF is up with the weapons they don't do anything! I can not figure out how to get the missiles to lock, it must take like a minute or something, and the chain gun just doesn't seem to do anything. And I can not find any information anywhere to help me figure out what I am doing wrong. I played a bit of the multiplayer and that is at least a bit funner than any of the "showcase missions" or whatever. I know its still an alpha but the least they could have done was to make a description of how things work and what we have to do to make shit blow up and die. Don't get me wrong I'm very impressed with a lot of aspects of this game and I'm sure it will get better but this is a "first impressions" thread, just being honest.
  13. lokoroth

    Where's the firing range?

    Thanks gopgop! Thats really nice being able to check out all the weapons.
  14. I have watched some really cool vids that I thought were from the Arma 3 alpha with a firing range and I was really looking forward to testing all the weapons and attachments, anybody know whats going on where is the firing range? Also there was some pretty cool vid with character/item customization by Dslyecxi and that seems to be missing too. I'll admit I'm new to the Arma series and I feel a bit jipped by the omission of these features that were in the YouTube videos. Is there some special mod I have to install to use them or something?