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  1. Do you know which persons have the biggest interest in anti-cheat measurements? It's not the players. The players only expect it to work. Do you believe that it is a good idea to talk about [Anti-Hack] here in the wilderness, with everybody, posting the name/IP of your server, while BattlEye isn't even released in the beta-stage? Did I get that right? Actually without the signatur-checking? If those cheaters don't have financial interests, they will do it for a achievement and try to break down the barriers. They will be able to improve their code on your server in real time. And when they fail, they will try to beat down your server.
  2. Did you just say the Debug-function in ArmA3 is slowing the game down (stuttering?) and probably crashes it, just by writing crash report logfiles? Wait -- are you serious? Let me even lough louder. This is another bug (reported and so far unanswered here) and it is probably already used by malicious cheaters: - Hackers can slowdown and probably crash a server with a faked error. -- This will bring the logfile to the border of its capacity. ---The hackers might use this leak also to cover their traces. This is actually a task for the developers. It isn't a good idea to create security relevant logfiles as a plain text on the clientside. You could find a way to encrypt it or transfer it in realtime to your servers. How about a "no debug"-parameter?
  3. Mirudes

    ARMA 3 BattlEye Needet

    [QUESTION] Will Beta release have BattlEye? SITREP #00017
  4. Generally spoken, a global ban can be handled from every AntiCheat Tool. The disadvantage of BattlEye is that it is optional, the server-owner can deside if they use it or not. The term "global ban" is used by BattlEye: BattlEye Support VAC, the anticheat engine used by Steam, is using the term "permaban". http://www.vacbanned.com/static/informations Thanks for the release of BattlEye in ArmA3 (Beta) today, good luck to $able!
  5. Just think twice - what would you do at the place of Steam? Let's say that the BattlEye is going to start a mass-ban at the release day. All the players are at least Steam-customers, too. Imagine this shitstorm. On the other side is BIS - with a successor of ArmA2, known as the Cheaters paradise, in a beta stage, multiplayer without any anticheat protection. Reputation is already lost... Do I have to tell you that the Steam-employees are already active here in this forums, they have financial interests and will not be surprised by any circumstance. When I read the vague statements from the officials here, both from BIS and BattlEye, I would say it would be better to say nothing at all. They better have news according to BattlEye in the next sitrep that's coming tomorrow. :Bullshit: <- Meant to be a Bs-smilie.
  6. Cheers, mate! Probably another program is still needed to hide the manipulated PBO-files. Here again the warning: These hacks are often infested with Trojans! Once you get a hidden process, other viruses can also hide!
  7. I've posted on this topic already here: Where is the difference to Proving Ground for ArmA 3? What's MOBILE Proving Ground?
  8. Oh, the irony! YOU are using a /troll-tag here. Here is a posting from $able, a BattlEye Developer:
  9. Mirudes

    Action Menu - must do better

    I would like to have a keyboard shortcut for this. When it was assigned, the menuitem "touch off bomb" could disappear! Edit: The VTS Gesture commo rose looks really nice!
  10. Try to solve this problem the other way round: When a player has a special gear, he becomes a class, he shows up in the menus as a "Sniper" or "AT-soldier" and is from now on limited.
  11. On one hand you are right...just saying. ;) I would like to do a test with another mouse as a controller in my left Hand!
  12. Do you want to reply now to your own misquotes? Dude, go and see a doctor! There is something wrong with you!
  13. Do you need suggestions or do you want some cheese to your wine? :rolleyes: I wonder who even needs a total balanced game? Me not! The PvP-players? As before said, they can create a modification for this purpose. PvP can play a return match. Another suggestion: Each side uses the same equipment, only the camouflage is different. Another suggestion: Use randomness. If the developers will make it balanced, neither of us will be satisfied.
  14. Mirudes

    Holster have non gun

    I also think, drum mags used to be shown when it is used. Same goes for the holster - the gun used to be in there, when it is in the players equipment. I would also like to see smoke grenades on the avatar. Did someone say knifes for divers? :rolleyes: