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  1. freemangl

    Recoil improvement in beta?

    any news on this feture?
  2. freemangl

    Recoil improvement in beta?

    any news about the recoil?
  3. freemangl

    Recoil improvement in beta?

  4. freemangl

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    any info shows will the beta have this big recoil enhancement?
  5. freemangl

    Recoil improvement in beta?

    http://www.arma3.com/news/report-in-lukas-haladik-sandox-design#.UbrdU9gexVV Will be this recoil enhancement implement in the incoming beta?
  6. Can I play arma2 missions with this?
  7. freemangl

    The Recoil Fix Mod [Alpha]

    Any video for this?
  8. I probably should not saying this, but it keeps me wondering is BI's technology(engine) isn't advanced enough to achieve beautiful water effect, terrain shadow cast... think about 3 years ago Just Cause 2 have all these and a huge map(around 900km^2) too...
  9. freemangl

    Recoil to sky?

    This is what I mean:
  10. freemangl

    How to use weapon legs?

    oh, thanks!
  11. Hi, How to use weapon legs? any shortcut keys?
  12. freemangl

    Recoil to sky?

    When you continuously fire, the recoil will force you aiming way to sky, but after stop firing you can't return to original position. It's very inconvenient that you have to move you mouse each time. I like battlefield 3's Recoil method. when you stop fire, your gun will most likely return the the position before you fire. Can it automatic return to your original aiming position after you fire in the nest release version? Check this feedback: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=2425
  13. How about a editor's choice user mission board? That players can find the best users' mission easily and quickly. :o
  14. freemangl

    Floating ugly shadows?

    any updates on this?
  15. I already contact steam support, after 5 DAYS they finally replied: