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  1. Yes, i check my email once each half hour. I went to my bank office and they told me that my money is "in the limbo" you haven't receive it yet but i see it like is taken in my account, that means that maybe you can't take it yet because you have a lot of request or something. The 15th the money will be back in my account automatically if the pay is not made, now i'm good. I just had the hype for the game :P I can wait, no problem. Let's see how this goes!
  2. That make sense, but i can't understand why Bohemia can't support me with the issue i'm having, did you have so many emails to answer? Hope that for tomorrow i get an answer or i'll have to do something about it, because not receiving the confirmation email annoys me a lot.
  3. Hello everyone, Well, like a lot of people i'm having a big problem with the supporter version, mainly that i didn't received a confirmation email saying that i bought the game or the steam key and my money has already been taken. I send 2 emails to the support and 36 hours have been past already and i haven't received an email about how the things are going or something, I feel completely ignored by you guys, I know you have a lot of work in hands at the moment but... I don't know what to do, if at least I know what is happening with my steam key, that you have received the money and you are working on sending the key i'd be calmed but i don't know if it's everything all right because i didn't received the confirmation email because the next website (after giving my info for paying) crashed because the servers were "overpopulated" (sorry don't know how to call it). So please, i need an answer or tomorrow i'll go to my bank and reclaim the money to buy it again or not, because i'm very disappointed at you. Can you explain why in steam you can buy the cheaper editions of the game and not the important one? Thanks in advance.