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    ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

    This looks 3D to me
  2. Bladesfist

    Performance Advice Requested

    That is not correct, bulldozer architecture does not use logical cores. It uses modules. Which are basically 2 shared cores.
  3. Thanks again. I guess that leaves editor extensions as the last thing I want.
  4. After reading that I am unsure if support has been cancelled. It would also be nice if we could make extensions for the editor (I'm not sure if this is possible already). It would be nice to make windows that allow you to add gear to objects in the editor ect. On that note it could probably be added to the modules tool, allowing us to create our own modules with there own interfaces.
  5. Well after playing around with SQF for a while I really want Java support. Do we have any information on what the support will be like. Will we just have the same API that SQF uses and have to do silly things like player getPosition instead of Player.position. For lack of a better term will the Java support be more "Object Orientated". If anyone has played with Take on Helicopters could you tell me what the implementation is like in that?
  6. I want to detect if the player has placed an AT Mine on the road before I send a convoy in. I have tried using a trigger and putting count (nearestObjects [position this, ["ATMine_Range_Mag"], 10]) > 0 but without any luck. This method would also give me a circular check when I want to know if the mine is inside the triggers rect. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. I am also having issues with this. I get a task but no destination waypoint and the task is not active when I press preview.
  8. Ah I see, the thread I was reading was in the Take on Helicopters section, I am glad to hear it is something they are working on. I guess I will give SQF a go for now. Thank you both for the information.
  9. I thought I read that Java was an option somewhere. Is that no longer the case as I would much prefer to use a proper OOP language.
  10. Hello everyone. With the release of the Arma 3 Alpha I have decided that I want to start making missions for the game. I have done a little playing around with the editor and have found it to be pretty easy to use however I want to start making some more advanced things. I am coming from a scripting / game development background with C# / Java (would prefer to use C#) and have a few questions about how things work in regards to Arma. So my first question is what language does Arma 3 use. I have searched around a bit however all the results seem to predate the launch of Arma 3 and so I am not sure if they are accurate. Second Question: What do I need to do to get a script I write to execute. What kind of execution order there may be and how much freedom do we have with the API.
  11. Bladesfist

    low FPS in multiplayer

    Are you alt tabbing to check task manager?
  12. Bladesfist

    low FPS in multiplayer

    Good thing he is not using a Phenom x6 then. I am running an FX 8150 + GTX 660ti with a pretty bad framerate on high settings.