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  1. you sir are a genius. I had UDP Flood defense enabled on the firewall. Disabled this and maps are loading instantly now. Many many thanks for this
  2. I have a relatively new Draytek router. The alpha worked fine when it came out. I had no problems. Just the most recent alpha and now dev build that I cant get past "receiving data"
  3. I am getting exactly the same thing. I cant ever get in to any games. Receiving data, then i get no message for 10secs/20secs etc. Then I find I cant load any webpages, TS or anything for a little while after. My internet is fine. Its this game thats causing something. Im with Zen Internet.
  4. at first I wasnt too sure about Windows 8. However decided to go for it since it was only £24.99 online and I am very impressed with it. Have win 8 and arma 3 on the SSD and its running perfect.
  5. with all due respect, re-assignment of keys is the answer
  6. MentalTM

    The Grenade Thread

    Had great fun last night with 7 of my clan mates last night, taking part in one of the CO-OPs, so many "oops Ive pressed g by mistake, run!!!" moments. So used to pressing G for gear haha. Thankfully there werent too many deaths :p