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  1. You cant even shoot thru most windows & ive tried.
  2. Kodokai

    ARMA3 fluidity/animation lockouts?

    True but its still in arma 2 till this day. Will do, i was seeking peoples opinions on the whole freezing whilst switching weapons seems its never been altered in the past. Edit: Someone beat me to it. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=1819
  3. Anyone else finding some of the "mechanics" of this game an annoyance? For example you have to stop/stand & until animation is finished just to switch between a rifle/pistol. I know this function has been in this franchise a while but it really has to go, for an mil-sim if you can't switch to your pistol whilst on the move you have no place in armed forces. Thats just one of the so called animation lockouts which breaks the fluidity of gameplay/leaves you exposed, another would be vaulting over an object which leaves you exposed during the two secondish animation.
  4. Kodokai

    JUMP please!!

    It's awful, the animation takes around 2 seconds to complete & during that time you're locked out completely unable to do anything, if you could run upto an object using space or vault to hop over a small wall etc would be far better & less exposure.
  5. Kodokai

    [TVT/CO-55] Wasteland

    Seems 404 is taking over the Wasteland race