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  1. http://imageshack.com/a/img35/6273/dzxh.jpg Im assuming this is something like Tier 1 Operator or CIA SAD right? Any chance we can expect a similar loadout except this time with the Iranian faces? e.g. Middle Eastern Insurgent and/or Afghan Taliban? ;)
  2. All good now! :D so bloody happy I finally made it
  3. Sorry guys, I've tried to make my own .pbo addon but I am completely lost. I managed to get as far as making sqf files (_playerGrp = Group player; _playerGrp setSpeedMode "LIMITED";) , and wrote in the player init "player addAction ["SLOW", "slow.sqf"]; player addAction ["NORMAL", "normal.sqf"]; and it works beautifully. However, now i am stuck as to how to get it to preinit without needing to write anything in the player init. And I am also stuck knowing how to make it into a pbo. Aside from that though, Ive used the limited movement in afew test missions and it completely changed my group's survival rate in a firefight. My group would be able to move very tactically and slowly - and when coming in contact - can react immediately and directly. An absolute charm when clearing out urban environments. 9/10 times, my group would clear an entire compound - which had a squad of enemy - and survive without a single casualty. When getting them to move naturally in vanilla, my group would sustain an average of 4 out of 10 men dying. Please help >.< Thanks!
  4. Sweet! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction atleast. I'll give it a shot and report back if I am stuck with anything I don't understand. Cheers!
  5. Hi all, I am looking to make an ultra simple .pbo mod which I want to just throw into my addons folder, without having to constantly script something in my mission folder everytime. The idea is simple. Everytime I spawn, I have two actions in my menu: - SLOW APPROACH - RETURN TO NORMAL When clicking on the "SLOW APPROACH", my AI group members will (this setSpeedMode "LIMITED";). This means when I give them a movement command to go somewhere, they will sneak/move cautiously and slowly to the location - as oppose to jogging there (in vanilla). I've already experimented with this by adding a couple triggers, assigning my group to setSpeedMode "LIMITED", and putting them in "stealth" or "aware" and I've noticed a huge improvement in the way they react to surprise 'contact' much better - as if they are more alert and ready for combat. I have the concept down, which is "this setSpeedMode "LIMITED";" but unfortunately I don't know how to write a script that will immediately initiate whenever I start a mission, nor making it an option in my action menu, nor knowing how to compile it into a .pbo addon. Can someone please help? Surely this cannot be too complex to make. All I need is some help coz I don't have any knowledge on how to make a .pbo. Thank you so much to whomever can help. Cheers! Daz
  6. Bugger, sucks to hear :( Could it not be as simple as using the "setspeedmode" http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setSpeedMode on the player's group? I dont have any experience in coding, but if it anything like commanding units in commander mode, or with waypoints, then the principle of ordering your group to move "tactically and silently" will work the same way. Unless your ideas are more ambitious? lol Keep up the great work anyways :) Just thought I might check if my idea was scrapped completely, or if it might still be WIP. Thanks! p.s. on a side note, if this works, maybe a setspeedmode to "FULL", and a command such as "Fall Back" might be fun to try impliment in the future too :P you know, a sudden "retreat" command. Anyhoo see what u think
  7. Awesome! Loving the mod mate :) Really sorry to bring this up again, but can you please include the "force limited speed" on infantry units? Coz when you get them to move to a location, they are able to sneak and cautiously approach it (rather than running there). Getting them to go "silent" doesnt get them to move slowly.
  8. Loving the mod. Can I ask if you could be able to include a small option too? I would love to see a mod where I can tell my team to set to "limited" speed whenever I want. The reason being that when I want them to enter an area slowly, or silently, they tend to run instead. When the fighting kicks off, then I can set them back to "normal" speed. But for when I want them to infiltrate, a limited option would be really appreciated. Hope others would agree as well. Thanks!
  9. Dazza

    MGS inspired PMC (Opfor)

    that's what i mean; modelling the glasses as part of the balaclava. It's complicated, i know. Just seeing if that was a possibility was all
  10. I have a simple request, and I hope some people might agree to this. Is there a way to create a small mod in which the time it takes to heal either yourself or a teammate is extended? It helps with realism as it takes a lot longer than 10 seconds to take a med kit from your backpack, tie a tourniquet or bandage around the wound etc. The time it even takes to heal a teammate who may have taken more serious damage will be much longer. Maybe something like 30-45 seconds to heal yourself, and 5-10 minutes to heal a downed teammate who has been incapacitated? I hope people would agree that this will totally reshape the realism experience and gaming experience, as you now have to take into consideration that you must secure a safe area to treat the wounded, and to ensure that it may take a long time for the medic to do his work (as in real life). Maybe this can be done? Im sure it cant take too long to script a repeating animation and extend the healing time for an incapacitated unit. Cheers!
  11. Dazza

    MGS inspired PMC (Opfor)

    Awesome to hear :) I was curious, would the solution be that someone can mod a "glasses" item which appears as both glasses + balaclava? would that be possible? Keep up the amazing work btw, should have said that earlier
  12. Dazza

    MGS inspired PMC (Opfor)

    Are u going to default them with balaclavas as well?
  13. Hi, curious question: is there a way to force your own team units' movements to limited speed (like you can do when setting waypoints in the editor)? My situation is that I would like my team to crouch sneak into position sometimes. But when I give them a position to move, then tend to shuffle and run up there, instead of slowly crouch walking up there. Is there a way I can toggle it on and off via the radio command menu? Cheers!
  14. Do u think its possible to make bushy manly beards as well? :P
  15. Hi sorry I am alittle lost on how to get this mod to work. Does this require previous Arma2 game files in order to work, or only Arma3? And if it is just Arma3, where/how do I import Arma 2 custom islands? Cheers Thanks