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  1. Thanks to BL1P for the kickstart with the script - I have made some changes to restrict certain items completely and cripple others ... This all works great , however the player can change his view distance once zoomed in and retain that range until the next time he uses the thermals. I need to put a loop somewhere that checks if the player is still in thermal mode and apply the view distance settings ... any help appreciated to refine this ;) // disableTheral.sqf // by CRE4MPIE // ver 0.2 // 2015-04-29 11:44pm // contributions from BIStudio Forums, edited by CRE4MPIE _layer = 85125; _launchers =["launch_I_Titan_short_F","launch_O_Titan_short_F","launch_B_Titan_short_F","launch_Titan_short_F","launch_Titan_F","launch_O_Titan_F","launch_I_Titan_F","launch_B_Titan_F"]; // launcher array while {true} do { if (currentVisionMode player == 2) then // check for TI Mode { if (currentweapon player in _launchers) then // check if player has launcher as current weapon { _layer cutText ["Thermal Imaging OFFLINE!.","BLACK",-1]; // Blackout screen with Text playSound "FD_CP_Not_Clear_F"; waituntil {currentVisionMode player != 2}; _layer cutText ["", "PLAIN"]; } else { if (alive (getConnectedUAV player)) then // check if player is connected to a UAV { _layer cutText ["Thermal Imaging OFFLINE while connected to a UAV terminal!.","BLACK",-1]; // Blackout screen with Text playSound "FD_CP_Not_Clear_F"; waituntil {currentVisionMode player != 2}; _layer cutText ["", "PLAIN"]; } else { setViewDistance 1250; // set viewdistance for all other thermals waituntil {currentVisionMode player != 2}; setViewDistance -1; // reset viewdistance to default } }; }; sleep 1; };
  2. wvorster

    Squad XMLs Broke ?

    For some reason squad urls no longer work on my server ^_^;; not just mine ... everyone's .... Any ideas ?
  3. Superb help guys !! the check for velocity is a good start ! I will look at the magnitude as well !! Thank you so much !! Just a question - this will not affect loot that has spawned into buildings and dropped on the floor I assume - I'd need to test this.
  4. Hi Guys, This is working great , however we are having a small issue - the toxic gas grenade doesn't affect anyone that's elevated. e.g. get into a bunker or a house that's not flat on the ground , throw grenade and it does nothing .. Step out onto the ground and throw the toxic grenade and it works perfect. What can I change or try to make sure this works at the correct elevation ? // @file Name: toxic_gas.sqf // @file Author: Mokey // @file Description: Toxic Gas addon for A3W // @web: http://www.fractured-gaming.com // @Special Thanks to Pitoucc _gasMask = ["H_CrewHelmetHeli_B","H_CrewHelmetHeli_O","H_CrewHelmetHeli_I"]; // define the gasmasks here setNoGasStatus={ "dynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; // enables ppeffect "dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [0]; // enables normal vision "dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 10; // time it takes to go back to normal vision resetCamShake; // resets the shake 20 fadeSound 1; // fades the sound back to normal }; setGasStatus = { "dynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; // enables ppeffect "dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [15]; // intensity of blur "dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 5; // time till vision is fully blurred enableCamShake true; // enables camera shake addCamShake [10, 45, 10]; // sets shakevalues // player setFatigue 0; // sets the fatigue to 100% 5 fadeSound 0.1; // fades the sound to 10% in 5 seconds }; gasDamage = { player setDamage (damage player + 0.12); //damage per tick sleep 2.5; // Timer damage is assigned "seconds" }; While{true} do{ call setNoGasStatus; waituntil{ ((nearestObject [getPosATL player, "SmokeShell"]) distance player < 10) // detects if player is within grenade radius && (getPosATL (nearestObject [getPosATL player, "SmokeShell"]) select 2 < 0.5) }; if !(headgear player in _gasMask) then { call setGasStatus; call gasDamage; } else {}; };
  5. Want instant action ? Don't want to gear up just to die ? Want to get your hands on some decent military hardware ? THEN THIS WASTELAND SERVER IS FOR YOU !!! Come check out our new Wasteland servers GamersInc. Wasteland Stratis EU#1 - port 2322 Come check out our new Wasteland servers GamersInc. Wasteland Stratis US#1 - port 2312 It hosts a unique array of changes that encourages player vs player action on a massive scale ! The is no other server like it in the world ! Choose your player class when you connect and spawn in fully geared for combat with $10,000.00 to start! Anything goes ! Medics - LMG, Medkit , 2 Grenades, Custom Clothing and Backpack Engineers - SMG, RPG , Toolkit with Custom Clothing and Backpack Snipers - DMR with SOS scope, 2 Claymores and Ghillie and Backpack Divers (Special Ops) - Assault Rifle with Underslug, Dive Suit and Apers mines and Backpack Explosive's Specialist - Assault Rifle and mines and other explosives and Backpack Insurgent - Handgun and explosives to perform his duty ! with alot more classes to come ! Other unique features includes a totally customized Stratis island with additional towns , structures and places to set up camp ! Unique purchasable items in the General store Access to all weapons at the Gunstores. Sell or Service your vehicle at any Vehicle store. Customized Missions like Roadblocks, Hostile Jet and Hackers where players can hack money from other enemy players banks ! Random NPC Encounters at every mission spawn, so you never know what you're up against ! Safezones around ATM's, so you can do your banking in peace ! and MUCH MUCH more ! Come join the carnage. No whitelists, No supporter kits , No mods required ! Just skills and more ammo The server also supports a variety of client mods - come ask on Teamspeak smile emoticon JSRS Dragonfyre Blastcore Phoenix Fullscreen NVG VTS Weapon Resting CBA RC4 Visit us on our website for more information at http://gamersinc.game-server.cc CRE4MPIE out ! GamersInc.
  6. Dear BI! I get asked this on a near daily basis ! I've seen the map and it looks amazing on the Arma 3 engine ! Can you just not include it with the next release or DLC of Arma 3 ? This will extend the lifespan of the game by a year or two at the very least !
  7. wvorster

    Enhanced Movement

    so my problem still exists :( whenever a player is free falling from a halo drop and moves in any direction , they get instantly killed with the mod enabled ;( once the deploy the parachute it seems okay , but during free fall they will just die if they try and steer. Any ideas?
  8. wvorster

    Enhanced Movement

    whoops - my bad
  9. I ported over A3Wastelands onto X-Cam to check out - feel free to come have a look ! This map is breathtaking :) http://forums.a3wasteland.com/index.php?topic=937.0
  10. wvorster

    Dear Mod Makers, Sign your Mods.. Its easy....

    EDIT: Followed your instructions and generated my own keys :) - thank you - excellent guide !
  11. wvorster

    Arma's Nature

    Hi there, I have Antorugby's permission to sign the addon and create the keys. You can download the updated addon with server key here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8h9p3fsjh9wm5cu/%40ArmaNature.zip?dl=0 Thanks for a great mod !
  12. wvorster

    Object Not found spam in RPT

    BUMP ?! Anyone?
  13. Pretty please ! I don't like rolling my server with VerifySignatures off :P Using this weapon pack on my wasteland server :>
  14. Guess you have to disable signature checks after applying this?
  15. My logfile is riddled with these kinda entries ? Any ideas ? I have seen some reports this has to do with the incorrect usage of setPos / setPosAtl ? Entries vary, but this is the general error , is there some way I can debug this ? 7:59:13 Client: Object 3:739 (type Type_88) not found. 7:59:13 Client: Object 3:740 (type Type_88) not found. 7:59:14 Client: Object 3:739 (type Type_88) not found. 7:59:14 Client: Object 3:740 (type Type_88) not found. 7:59:14 Client: Object 3:739 (type Type_88) not found. 7:59:14 Client: Object 3:740 (type Type_88) not found. and then some 11:43:35 Server: Object 2:3434 not found (message 108) 11:43:36 Server: Object 2:2733 not found (message 108) Full RPT here - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zpdah6bf78dgnui/AAAGWwS_ACWJWGTFNE3t8XDEa Cheers Creampie