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  1. First time using the program, Downloaded and installed All in Arma through the program, however when I click launch I get an "KeyNotFoundException" Error. Any help?
  2. Sorry for a very likely stupid question, But do is it required to have Arma2 and OA installed for this mod to work? Or can I install through withSIX and then just add Arma 2 addons like I would arma 3 addons?
  3. Any update on the sound of the gun? Will definitely give a download once that is fixed. Other than that, real great work.
  4. Macro

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    This is the media thread mate. Go take your unwarranted complaining elsewhere.
  5. Installed to the correct path and added to launch parameter, unfortunately nothing shows up different in editor, I cannot find the plane. Ideas?
  6. Hey guys, I am coming across an error when I try to join a Deathmatch server. The error is as follows; Works though when I joined a separate server. Ideas?
  7. Hmm, If I understand you correctly I believe I was on an ArmA 3 map server, was the one from the Alpha (The Island) but I think it was a custom scenario. I cannot be certain as I am currently not at home, but I am fairly certain it was not Wasteland or any other map.
  8. Hi guys, Been playing a fair amount of the Alpha and loving it. I am having a problem though with Multiplayer. I jump into multiplayer and find a server fine, from there I can join in and select my role within the squad. When I click OK though it has to download some information than it has a bar called "Receiving Resources / Data " or something similiar and whenever it seems to complete (Bar fills) nothing ends up happening. I've left it there for a couple minutes but still nothing, I had to alt tab which then lead to the "Arma3 has stopped working". Any thoughts on how to get around this?
  9. Macro

    Bistore closed

    Considering about a hundred of these threads are about to pop up is this really needed? The store is obviously going to have some struggles as they prepare it for the masses.