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  1. There is nothing wrong with CUP but there are a few reasons I like RHS over CUP. Realism is probably the biggest factor. The quality and detail of the units, vehicles, etc is just top notch and I have yet to see it be matched. The damage system is superb as well and makes fighting that much more interesting. It would also seem to me that with the units you are trying to create, RHS offers a much larger array of eastern type gear for some more customization and individuality. Just my two cents. Always loved your mod in ArmA 2, eager to see it in A3.
  2. RHS yes please. CUP no thanks.
  3. I have tried it both with mods and without. Most current test was with just the most up-to-date CBA on Armaholic and C2 mod. Still not working for me for some reason. I tried to download and install the mod again but it didn't help.
  4. I'm having trouble getting the HUD method to work well, as well as suppressive fire etc. I can bring up the Quick Menu/Planning Dialog but HUD isn't working...I can bring up the radial menu by pressing 'U' but I can't access anything. I can also bring up the suppressive fire option by pressing Y but it stays in a fixed position and no matter what I can't move it or do anything. AI won't react to it either. I'm sure I am overlooking something minor...anyone have any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
  5. jmdecc

    AI Workarounds

    ^ jootSidy completely understood what I guess I failed to convey. I was just looking for a way to simply get AI to actually move when they come under contact instead of dropping down and going snail speed. During large firefights this works great, but again like jootSidy said, it is incredibly frustrating when one guy from forever away is just popping shots off at you. You can't even properly react to contact in most cases when a situation like that is happening. The AI will drop down exactly where they're standing and this doesn't do much good because you can't assign them orders to quickly move behind cover, or move behind a building etc. I think ideally what might work best is if the AI worked they way they do now when they are under AI control. But when they are under human control you should be able to automatically force them out of Combat mode and back into Aware mode. If you don't understand what I mean, go into the editor and get into a firefight where your AI squad goes into Combat mode. You can use your SL position to order them to relax, be aware, whatever and they absolutely will not respond to that. They continue to remain in combat mode no matter what you do, and it makes large movements nearly impossible. Want to flank a position? Lol, good luck... Sometimes during a shootout it would be beneficial to manually order your soldiers back into aware mode so they run to whatever position you order them to, or to whatever position you want them to follow you to, instead of them slowly bounding (if you even can call it that in some cases).
  6. The PMC models are pretty awesome, it adds a lot of options for mission designs especially for Iraq/Afghan style PMC operations. I don't know if you would have any interest in this, but it would be cool if you expanded on the AAF 2015 faction a little more to go along with this. AAF are based in a Greek looking area, you could easily base them off the Hellenic Army. They use HMMWV, M113 series, BMP, etc. It would make for a really interesting mix of gear for a faction. There are a lot of cool mission possibilities that could go along with that. AAF 2015 vs PMC/Insurgent faction for instance. Anyways just a thought, love the work, keep it up! :) EDIT: Russian PMC faction would be awesome to see too, just saying!
  7. jmdecc

    AI Workarounds

    I'm curious if anyone has any tips on working around the AI combat modes, specifically AI in your squad going into (and staying in) Combat mode. Here is an example: 1. Player moves his squad into open field 2. Player and squad come into contact with equally sized enemy force hiding behind cover on the opposite side of the field 3. AI drop into combat mode despite Squad/Team Leader setting them to Aware, pretty much refuse to make any kind of great movements and just engage 4. AI often die or get left behind depending on player choice because of their refusal to move more than a few feet at a time This is just a basic rundown of many scenarios I find myself in with the AI. Replace open field with woods, hills, etc. and the problem persists. Sometimes something as simple as an enemy jet flying overhead triggers the AI into combat mode and your pretty much stuck moving as fast as a snail until they snap out of it. The AI more or less refuse to move until the threat has been eliminated, and sometimes they have difficulty even when they threat is gone. It makes it nearly impossible to either tactically direct your squad to better fighting positions or get them to bypass the enemies by moving past them. In your normal shoot-em-up style scenarios this isn't a huge deal, but if you are participating in an objective based mission and your objective is more important than how many people you kill, it makes progressing/completing the mission difficult. Ideally, if AI would remain in the Aware state unless directly ordered into Combat mode, things would go much more smoothly. But even if you order your troops to relax or aware they refuse to listen as long as they believe there to be enemies nearby. So my question is: Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to deal with this problem? Are there any tips or tricks with orders, maybe some kind of coding, or perhaps even a mod available to work around this? Or are we stuck?
  8. Is there a way to use this with just RHS infantry, weapons and vehicles, no vanilla content? Really like the concept of this but my group does not want future weapons or vehicles if we can avoid them...
  9. Question ... when playing this with friends, we like to each command a squad of AI individually during gameplay. The biggest issue we've come across so far is if a squad leader dies, he respawns but his squad is half the map away, it is usually difficult to get back to them and start functioning as a squad again. If the player died, would it be possible to completely remove him from the squad he was commanding (basically let ALIVE take over the rest of the squad) and have him spawn again with an entirely new fresh squad? We have a slight work around right now, basically there is a script set up where you can recruit AI's from your base when you respawn, but this takes some time and doesn't allow you to desync from your old squad. So if you have some teammates that weren't killed along with you, they are still somewhere across the map trying to get back to you.
  10. Could someone post up an ALIVE mission utilizing RHS on Stratis. I have been trying since yesterday to setup a mission but for some reason I cannot get BLUFOR/rhs_faction_usarmy_wd to spawn in its own location. US units are constantly spawning right on top of Russian units and then they usually don't do anything from there, or simply can't because of how overwhelming the Russians are right off the bat. Also RHS ammo boxes are not being used, instead it is using standard NATO/CSAT. If someone could create a mission and post on here so I can open it in the editor and figure out what I'm doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate it. I have gone through the setup guide in the wiki and also tried adjusting the TOAR as suggested in the FAQ and I am still not having any luck... would greatly appreciate the help...
  11. jmdecc

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    I know this might be too soon, but does anyone have a config made for RHS mod?
  12. jmdecc


    Hi, any chance you will include the older G36 variants (with carry handle/scope) and groups that use them along with M92 helmet instead of opscore? Basically a more traditional infantry look. Great mod, really enjoying it.
  13. Okay have done that. Relaunched PW6. Go to activate collection, run as admin, then it says "need to update game, this make take a few minutes". I hit okay. PW6 becomes unresponsive in that I can't open the window, can't maximize it, click any buttons anything. Task Manager says that it is running and no issues so I'm assuming it is just taking a really long time to install? It has been 45 minutes. Just trying to figure out if I am wasting time and there is some error or if things are indeed running smoothly....
  14. Every time I try to install IF via PW6 lately (with the new update) I get these errors...it happens every single time with every patch. This is just one example: Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Iron Front DLC Arma Version: Updating version 1.62 to version 1.63... Update 1.62-1.63\@LIB_DLC_1\ADDONS\FRANCE_DATA.PBO.UPD cannot be applied, error xdelta3 returned error code: 1 Update 1.62-1.63\@LIB_DLC_1\ADDONS\IF_DLC_MPMISSIONS.PBO.UPD cannot be applied, error xdelta3 returned error code: 1 Update 1.62-1.63\@LIB_DLC_1\ADDONS\LIB_DLC_SPMISSIONS.PBO.UPD cannot be applied, error xdelta3 returned error code: 1 Iron Front DLC Arma Version patch 1.63 has been applied successfully. As far as I know all games are set to the correct directory, all games are up to date, using stable version not dev branch, etc. Can't figure out what is wrong... :confused: and although it says patch applied successfully it is not applied...I cannot access any IF content except for Omaha Beach map and there are a lot of issues when it loads.