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  1. i'm new to modding and i just want to add some new weaps to campaign. i read a thread about that and someone suggested mcc. i wanna ask what i should spawn to get the new weaps?? thx
  2. @^mod: sorry im new here im not sure if you're representing bis. the thing is: buyers who paid early and bought thru bis to show support and wanting to try the game early is getting penalized while those who've the other ways are enjoying the game. while you mentioned the difficulty in generating keys (though late-comers are getting it) what is worsening the issue here is the absence of an official confirmation or acknowledgement of some kind that reads like "k took your $ will give you the game later". the reason why we are sending multiple emails or spamming here if you want to call it is the ABSENCE of official response (so back to my first question that if you're representing bis or not): we (or just me) feel like paying money to a stranger and he just ran away, and im just left here helpless. if you want us to wait, to sort things out, send us a mail officially, or we're more likely to probe every where for help. and every hour passed means losing customers' confidence of the system. at least i will think twice next time i want to buy sth here to show my "support". simply telling ppl to be patience wont cut it.
  3. after 36+ hours Game: NO Confirmation of purchase of ANY SORT: NO Mail to support: YES. TWICE. make it thrice after this post REPLY from support: NO except the automated reply MONEY TAKEN: YES
  4. same here. more than 24 hrs already. called my bank twice and confirmed money was "authorized to be taken". and after 24 hrs still no game no code no email no nth. i wonder if bis even know i purchased the game, and if they do, how hard would that be to send an email to at least comfort unlucky customers like me? those who're going to say "wait some more since you've been waiting for so long" - well, try waiting with ur money taken and no acknowledgement that you've placed an order, while ppl are busy collecting $ with no problem.