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  1. rwake345

    CSE Mod with Altis Life

    That's what I was afraid of, thanks for the help though.
  2. rwake345

    CSE Mod with Altis Life

    See that's why I wasn't entirely sure, because there is also a server extension so you don't have to place the module on the map. From the download page: So that's why I'm curious if its possible.
  3. Hey all, I have used CSE and the medical system inside of it for MilSim in the past. (http://csemod.com/) I was just curious if its possible to have the medical system work without all players running it. Like... can I make it so just EMS use it to make the job of being an EMS more challenging? I know its possible to make some mods optional. Like TFAR, JSRS, BlastCore, NSS, CBA. I feel like it probably isn't possible because the nature of the mod, I'd just like to know for sure if it is or isn't because I have tried it before to no avail.
  4. rwake345

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Gets presented with real proof. Only response is to tell someone to kill themself. Nice.
  5. rwake345

    NSS Admin Console

    It works in things like single player and severs you are hosting locally. Dedicated servers that you need to login to administrate do not work with this new version.
  6. rwake345

    Aircraft Speed

    I am no expert or anything. But the speeds are probably lower based on the fact that the maps are small and runs and stuff are small. The game is scaled in a way and so the speed got scaled too. Having the speed be way to high may make it extremely difficult to fly.
  7. So I am trying to edit Altis Life so that I can mine stuff with the scroll wheel. What I have works, but for some reason you can just spam the scroll wheel and mine multiple times. Here is the code. life_actions = [player addAction ["Mine Copper",life_fnc_pickaxeUse,"",0,false,true,"","_this distance (getMarkerPos 'lead_1') < 30) && (life_action_inUse == false)"]]; As I said, the code works. It's just players can spam it and I don't know why. Any help would be great!
  8. Well shit. Guess I better delete my post Mr. Kremator here with 6200 posts has insulted me. Thanks for the input though!
  9. Hello all, My name is Ryan. I have been working with the ArmA editor and with scripting for ArmA for awhile now. I am very good at it, you'll have to trust me as I haven't made anything I have created public yet. I plan on changing that. I want to make a custom mod or mission for ArmA 3, I just ideas of what I should make it in. If you have any good suggestions please post them here and I will take all suggestions into consideration, I may do a combination of a lot of them/ If you think you would like to help me send me a PM on here. I ask that you show some kind of work so I know you actually have knowledge of anything ArmA editing related. Can't wait to see all of your ideas!
  10. rwake345

    Looking for another admin/developer

    Like I said. Not looking to hire. Looking for a partner. Truth is I can do this on my own. It's just easier with two people.
  11. rwake345

    Looking for another admin/developer

    I'm not looking to hire guys. I'm looking for someone to co-own and develop the server with me. If you're looking for pay, then this isn't the place. The server costs $60 a month, and will probably increase as popularity increases.
  12. Hello all, My name is Ryan and I am a programmer/game dev. I have started up an Altis Life server for my community, except no one else from there has ever played ArmA. What I am looking for is someone to help me with ideas to implement in the server, also to make these ideas possible. This person will also help me administrate the server, and monitor the database for exploiters. What do I ask from you? Be able to give a couple hours a day, if not more. Be over 18 years old, AT LEAST 16. No younger. Have some kind of knowledge of MySQL, and arma script/mission editing. Anything more than that is awesome. Either make a post here, or send me a PM on the forums. If I don't repsond quickly do not be discouraged, I am a busy person. The server has already been setup, all I need is someone to help me make it better. And get some people on it. Hope to hear from you soon!