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  1. Updated to version 0.3, fixing incompatibility with Virtual Ammobox/Virtual Ammo Supply and lack of zeroing in the scope.

    Neither will appear to anyone else unless they too are using the mod; everyone has to have it in MP for everyone to see it, otherwise it will appear as if they are holding an invisible gun. It's advised that you make sure the admins know whats going on, or that the server itself is using the mod, because otherwise it may seem that you are hacking.

    I don't think it is compatible with any other mod that adds optics atm, at least the PSO portion of it. Hope to see your PM about textures soon, J_Thompson.

    Finally, I have a prototype for the iron sights to be fully adjustable in the source code, commented out, and I hope to be able to make it working properly soon.

    //discretedistancecamerapoint[] = {"OP_eye1", "OP_eye2", "OP_eye3", "OP_eye4", "OP_eye5", "OP_eye6", "OP_eye7", "OP_eye8", "OP_eye9", "OP_eye10"};

    /*class rear_sight_leaf_rotation








    angle0="rad 0";

    angle1="rad -45";




    class rear_sight_knob_rotation









    angle1="rad -45";




  2. Wow awsome, looks very nice, thank you man! We really have got the best community here.

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    Will you continue to imrove it? Very nice so far again thank you.

    Yep, I'll probably release v0.3 when I have enough significant changes over the current release.

    SVD works on multiplayer, however the PSO scope does not.

    What kind of error is there with the PSO optic? Probably won't be able to test it out myself until the weekends. One thing I noticed was that it won't work properly if there is another mod that adds any sort of optics to the base rifles, such as the Canadian Armed Forced with the ELCAN, I want to see what I can do but so far the only thing I can think of is making a compatibility patch.

  3. For the off-axis sights: One thing I've found when working on something else was that some of the BI models are offcenter, i.e. if you look at it from the front or back (relative to the gun), the red vertical line at 0 doesn't cross the barrel/sight. I think you might have it working fine as long as you make sure the memory points for the barrel, the eye, and the proxy for the optical sight are all along that center line.

    Is there a sample pack with the BI textures that modders can use, or is it just the m16 that's free?

  4. This is very old, and meant for ofp modding, but this helped me out a lot, mostly with configurations and such, particularly lesson 3 (gun making).


    This is for making a wall mod, much of the information inside can probably help you out.


    The only change I know of in arma 2 that needs to be added is the addition of an "eye" point in the memory LoD, as a requirement for iron sights to work properly.

    The changes for arma 3, which mostly include compatibility with the new features and aren't necessary to implement (especially for an older weapon), are outlined here:


    That site also has more information on various things, if you wish to search for them.

    Finally, you can look at the configs for pre-existing weapons and such by using the config viewer in the map editor in-game; or by previewing a map in the map editor, pressing esc, pressing f1, then selecting "config viewer"; or by using this site: http://browser.six-projects.net/cfg_weapons/classlist

    The last link also contains configurations for arma 2 and arma 2 with ACE configurations, which could also be helpful to look at.

  5. Excellent, good to see the Arma 2 fictional factions make a return. Will there be a green/woodlands texture as well, for glorious multicolored Stratis?

    And, if it isn't asking too much, would there be a possibility of ChDKZ/Chedaki, maybe as a reskin of the CDF troops?

    Thank you for making this in either case, it's looking great so far.

  6. In reference to the blinking screen issue, I have been getting the same issue, and it only occurs in the load screen. Clicking "editor" to get to map selection, while still on the intro screen, works perfectly fine, as it does when anything else obscures the "CBA" logo in the bottom left corner; I think that might be causing the issue. I also ran into an error regarding a file not found when enabling CBA without the CBA mod loaded:

    Picture x\cba\addons\main\logo_cba_ca.paa not found

    Not running dev version.


    SVD is most likely from here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18960. Missing sounds and textures suggest that you may be missing the A2 pbos that the mod is dependent upon. Check the page I just linked under "Installation" for more info. Ed: And, yes, CBA is just a collection of "behind-the-scenes" scripts for use within other mods, so this isn't a CBA issue.

    I don't think so, my mod doesn't have any sort of camo or camo netting on it.

  7. Updated the mod to version 0.2, with a new texture, improved animations, bug fixes, and a small bit of variance on the weapon. Still uses the Arma 2 textures if they're installed, but there shouldn't be much dependency anymore.

    I came across three issues working on this I couldn't find a solution to, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could help:

    1) I'm not all that great at texturing, so if someone could point me to a good tutorial or could make a good texture, if would help.

    2) When trying to animate the iron sights, using "zeroing" as the animation controller causes them to just rotate repeatedly, without syncing with the weapon's zeroing.


    class rear_sight_leaf_rotation









    angle1="rad -45";




    The selection is named as a bone in CfgSkeletons.


    Zeroing in the rifle's cfg:

    discreteDistance[] = {100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000};

    discretedistancecamerapoint[] = {"OP_eye1", "OP_eye2", "OP_eye3", "OP_eye4", "OP_eye5", "OP_eye6", "OP_eye7", "OP_eye8", "OP_eye9", "OP_eye10"};

    discretedistanceinitindex = 0;

    The weapon only has one muzzle, could this be the reason why it doesn't work?

  8. Iirc the side mount is clamped to the weapon, so it#s not easily removed in a second? Perhaps you could just make an AK version with the siderail and one without? Or make scope variants that only fit onto the AK/similar weapons and attach the mount to the scopes?

    Anyway, good work. I love russian gear and vehicles.

    The clamp is a quick-detach, you just flip a lever and you can take it off, assuming its properly attached in the first place.

    If you don't get any other solutions, you could make the old-type iron sighted variant either not accept any optics, or make them accept optics on the standard dust cover. Won't look proper or pretty, but it could be an easy workaround until someone comes up with something else.

  9. does this mean that ARMA 2 scopes can be brought into the game in some kind of working form (you mention normal PSO scopes) or are they just models?

    They can be brought in, in a working form, so long as they were included in the released sample packs. I can see PSO (as in this pack), 6x zoom PSO (as on the ksvk), acog, aimpoint, g36 optic, and some of the sniper scopes (m24, m107) being brought in from that pack. Other ones would need to have models made for them that are separate from the gun to work properly (The reason these work is because you can just delete the rest of the gun). After that, its all config work, and I have a readme inside the source inside the download that explains how to add exchangeable optics.

  10. :D

    Introducing the placebo tanker hat, the latest in tactical technology! It features built-in headphones, microphone, and softness for those bumpy roads and mines. The camo is designed to look disarming and cute, preventing those mean ol' bullets from hitting its wearer.

    Still waiting to see if we can declassify the possible hi-tech things in the nose.

  11. Kaelies' SVD mod/port

    This is an SVD mod. By default, it uses some textures that are playable, not great, but will use the proper Arma 2 textures if "weapons.pbo" and "Ca.pbo" are activated.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?fejfcao6ey87aak


    It is capable of using exchangeable optics, and has both 10 round magazines and 20 round magazines as used in the SVU-A. All weapons. It includes an PSO-1 optic, and an ARCO optic with the reticle of a PSO. The latter can be used on any gun, while the normal PSO can only be used on the SVD. An imagined selective fire SVD, also based on the SVU-A, is also included.

    There is an included sample mission which gives you the gun, 10 of every magazine, and every optic available, for testing, as well as some other weapons to test the ARCO pso on.

    Tracer rounds will only ignite after a delay, so as to avoid giving away your position (especially vs other players).

    Installation guide, known bugs, and classlists are in the readme. Source files are included in the .zip, if anyone wants to learn from this.

    An almost working implementation of animated, adjustable iron sights is included in the model.cfg and the config.cpp. The camera and animation don't line up properly yet, but once I have that working I will release an update.

    If anyone could make better texures/RVmats/normal maps/etc, please let me know.

    Case ejection, comparison (more images in the download):



    View through optics, comparison:



    View through iron sights, comparison (links):

    http://i.imgur.com/Q0z3r56.jpg (Default textures, no scope)

    http://i.imgur.com/2DgCF2T.jpg (Arma 2 textures, no scope)

    http://i.imgur.com/5IXk07T.jpg (Default textures, scope)

    http://i.imgur.com/434Bd0n.jpg (Arma 2 textures, scope)

    Current default textures (links):


    Modified and ported to Arma 3 by Kaelies.

    The sample mission, "Kae_SVD_Sample.Stratis", goes into MyDocuments/Arma 3 Alpha/missions. Otherwise, "@Kae_SVD_v0.3" goes into your Arma 3/ folder, and should be enabled from options/expansions. All folders except "addons" are optional and included as documentation, and may be deleted if one desires.

    "Ca.pbo" and "weapons.pbo" from Arma 2 are no longer required, but will make the SVD appear nicer, with better textures. These can be added in by finding them in your Arma 2/Addons folder, placing them in a modfolder for arma 3, and activating that modfolder. For example, make a folder named "@Arma2" within Arma3/, then a folder named "addons" within the new folder, and then move the .pbos into that location.

    Be warned, this is not a perfect solution.

    The included textures are a WIP.

    The SVD can take the ACO, ACO_grn, Hamr, Arco, holo optics from the base game, and the custom Arco (PSO-type) and PSO-1 optics.


    Kae_srifle_SVD_F //Base rifle

    Kae_srifle_SVD_auto_F //Base rifle with internal changes to make it selective-fire

    optic_Kae_PSO_1000 //PSO optic, only works on the SVD atm

    optic_Kae_ARCO_PSO_1000 //ARCO optic with a PSO-type reticle, works anywhere the ARCO does

    Kae_10Rnd_762x54_SVD //Magazine

    Kae_20Rnd_762x54_SVD //Extra-length Magazine, not currently used/issued/produced IRL

    //Add a _T for tracer magazine.

    This mod uses content from the ArmA - Sample Models, and therefore "the entire work, as a whole" is licensed under that license. It is located in "ARMA_SampleModels_readme.txt". Source files are provided within the "kae_svd" folder, if you want to see how anything is done.

    Known Bugs:


    Area around bolt uses incorrect texture

    The EBR reload animation and sounds are used, rather than anything resembling an SVD.


    Version 0.3:

    -Fixed issues with optics and Virtual Ammobox

    -Added information about SVU-A, and why 20 round magazines and selective-fire SVDs are possible

    -Changed some classnames

    -Fixed Zeroing on PSO-1 optic

    Version 0.2:

    Polish of mod.

    Old Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?i8c14iwzt7hs37n

    -Better default textures

    -Bolt modeled and animated

    -Scope issues fixed

    -Icon issues fixed

    -Tracer rounds

    -20 round magazines (Optional)

    -Selective-Fire SVD (Optional)

    Version 0.1:

    Initial Release.

    Old Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?gbldogty0ond7jv

    Old placeholder textures:


    With weapons.pbo:


    Hat is blocked from view because it was from a modification made for personal use, and rule §19 prevents me from posting screenshots of it.