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  1. Awesome, thanks for the screenshots. Looking great :) I assume this means both variants of camo will be available for the PRSZ to choose from? Can't wait to try them out in-game, this has made my day.

    I remember there was also a vest like the CDF one in the first screenshot for the thread, in a greener shade for the PRSZ. Is it possible to get a screenshot of the PRSZ units with that vest on?

  2. Loving this, can't wait to be able to try it out. The older uniforms are looking good; would it possible to get a screenshot of the PRSZ unit in a more green area, say to the west of Kamino or something? Also, the camouflage on the PRSZ unit looks somewhat odd to me personally; is it possible we could have an opinion to use one more like the PCDF variant?

  3. You could always use the scifi Iran uniform and pretend like the Russians gave it to the Iranians.

    I think it would be quite amazing if you could do all of these camos with both the Iranian and NATO uniforms. Also, if there were patchless versions of the uniforms, it would help out; especially when making mercenary or insurgent units.

    Other than that, great mod, it just seems like all of the camos darken too much when there is overcast, and brighten too much in the sunlight; is that just the base game's RVMats?

  4. A few suggestions for modifications of the alpha weapons:

    -A second set of black MX rifles, maybe a third set of green ones, with maybe just a reskin/palette swap?

    -A DMR variant of the Katiba that matches the MXM as represented in the dev build.

    -A LMG variant of the Katiba with a Beta-C 100-rounder, to balance out the 100-round mags any of the guns in the MX family get :)

    I'd be quite happy if this was implemented as a mod, but is there somewhere else I would suggest this so the devs might see as well?

    Just for an idea on how the last two could be done, put in a proxy of any additional attachments like a bipod, bigger magazine, etc, and then put in a proxy of the gun itself...seems to be a good way to put attachments on, and as far as I can tell it is fine within BI's license :rolleyes:

  5. @tthejokerr:

    Its a thing with the Virtual Ammobox, since it's finicky about how the attachments and such are named. But good news everyone, it seems his latest update made it so that it will work, as such you might want to ask the host to update the VAS in his maps, it should be able to fix that problem.


    Say, after playing around with the RPK a bit just now, I noticed the recoil while prone was fairly high, and the muzzle flash was tremendous compared to the normal AK's flash. I think this is rather odd, considering the RPK has a longer barrel and a flash hider which should combat the muzzle flash, and a bipod (Though the model has it folded) as well as greater weight, which should reduce the recoil while on the ground. Any chance a fix for that could be done?

  6. Hello, great mod!

    There is one thing I would ask to be changed though. Our group also uses the FHQ_M4 pack, and we have a problem using that weapon pack with your mod, as the 5.56 ammo used (it uses BI 5.56 ammo as well as their own tracer mags) is much weaker than the ammo used in your AK's, which I believe is the same in damage to the 6.5 mm ammo. If I'm not mistaken, in the real world, 5.56mm and 5.45mm are comparable in performance, or at least much more similar to each other than the 6.5mm ammo in Arma 3. Can you please adjust the damage the 5.45 ammo does to be in line with the 5.56 mags?

    Last I checked the damage is significantly less on the AKs than on the 6.5 guns. Looking in the config viewer you can access from the editor, both the 5.45x39 ammo this mod uses and the 5.56x45 ammo BIS uses have the same caliber and damage ratings.

    Checking it out just now, they both seem to kill in one shot most of the time at a close range, on a higher chest shot to a blufor rifleman. Both also do two-shot kills at times. However, the m4 seemed to be doing two-shot kills...until I put on a holographic sight, which made it kill in one shot far more often. My estimate is that, if testing was done with iron sights, that the iron sights are somewhat off from where one would expect them to be, and therefore would cause shots to hit in the wrong place.

    Can't check to be sure the config viewer's values are correct with what values the addon maker uses though, I don't have access to those :)

  7. 1. Will look into it and see why they don't show.

    2. VAS relies on a string comparision i.e Suppressors start with muzzle_ and Scopes are optic_ but Content addon makers don't name their weapon attachments similar to BIS which is why it doesn't work. I'm looking into trying to find an automatic solution for the issue at the moment.


    With this mod the AK-107 with a GL also doesn't show up. As a guess, perhaps it is something to do with class inheritance?

    As a temporary solution, is it possible to allow unrecognized items (i.e. attachments that don't follow that scheme) to be placed directly into the inventory? They seem to save and load perfectly fine, so doing that would at least allow one to put it on then save as a loadout.

  8. Hey Tonic thanks for the great VAC systems that you let us use!

    I have one question about the removing ACRE from the VAC.

    My friend and I were trying to find solution for removing ACRE from the VAC. Due to heavy load lag issues with ACRE load in to VAC.

    So I've look upon your config file found a this syntax line. (vas_r_items)

    I've tried this syntax after I read it carefully and apply to gear test mission file. It still doesn't let me remove any radios in the item list.

    I've also checked see if my class name for radio was wrong but it did restricted those 5 radios in my item section.

    So, my question is there are working solution for eliminating acres from VAC?

    The issue here is that ACRE has many variants of its radios, for each radio, each with its own classname; from http://tracker.idi-systems.com/projects/acre/wiki/Class_Names_and_API, the classname for each of those is "ACRE_X_ID_Y", where X is the name of the radio, and Y is the ID name. I don't know how many different ID numbers there are, but one could check via the config viewer in the editor. You would need to list each ID on its own.

    One possible fix would be to edit the function which populates the item selections, to see if an item is prefixed with "ACRE_" or "ACRE_PRC148_ID_", for example, and skip that particular item if it is.

  9. In config.sqf do a playerSide switch statement.


    switch (playerSide) do
    case west:
    	//If the arrays below are empty (as they are now) all weapons, magazines, items, backpacks and goggles will be available
    	//Want to limit VAS to specific weapons? Place the classnames in the array!
    	vas_weapons = [];
    	//Want to limit VAS to specific magazines? Place the classnames in the array!
    	vas_magazines = [];
    	//Want to limit VAS to specific items? Place the classnames in the array!
    	vas_items = [];
    	//Want to limit backpacks? Place the classnames in the array!
    	vas_backpacks = [];
    	//Want to limit goggles? Place the classnames in the array!
    	vas_goggles = [];
    case east:
    	//If the arrays below are empty (as they are now) all weapons, magazines, items, backpacks and goggles will be available
    	//Want to limit VAS to specific weapons? Place the classnames in the array!
    	vas_weapons = [];
    	//Want to limit VAS to specific magazines? Place the classnames in the array!
    	vas_magazines = [];
    	//Want to limit VAS to specific items? Place the classnames in the array!
    	vas_items = [];
    	//Want to limit backpacks? Place the classnames in the array!
    	vas_backpacks = [];
    	//Want to limit goggles? Place the classnames in the array!
    	vas_goggles = [];

    Or whichever of the VAS methods you use to restrict weapons.

    If you wanted to limit specific boxes rather than limit by side, you could do the same but switch for name of box rather than playerside, right?

  10. Just rolled back to the non-dev build and still have the same issue - the SVU appears if I spawn a Russian Marksman, but if I try and add it to another soldier using " this addWeapon "SUD_SVU107_A3" ", etc, it returns the same error. Anything else you might suggest? :)

    You have the wrong classname, its just "SUD_SVU_A3". No 107 for the SVU's classname. Fyi, in the future, you can check using the config browser in the mission editor, under cfgweapons, to make sure you have the right classname for any weapon/attachment/vest/uniform/etc

  11. The update is great, this is the best magazine repacking I've ever seen for a game. However, would it be possible to make it more obvious which magazine is the "current" magazine in the list, for instance by surrounding its number in the hint list with some symbol? i.e. [15, 16, >12<, 5, 3]; It would make it more precise to skip magazines.

  12. Love your work, guys, and so fast! One problem I'm having though, is I can't spawn the SVU 107 - returns a "no entry" error. The mod seems to be working fine, everything else loads, just not that rifle. Any suggestions? To clarify, it loads under a Marksman class soldier being placed on the map; it just seems the classname is not correct.

    Whats the code line you are using to spawn the SVU, when you get the error?

  13. Would it be possible to have the script read the type of the attachment without looking at the classname in question, or to have it read the "muzzle_"/"optic_"/etc from within the string, rather than just at the very prefix? Doing so could aid in establishing mod compatibility without having modders abandon the "abc_classname" syntax used before, or even allow mod compatibility without asking for anything from the modders.

    Great to hear you can look at fixes for the issues I pointed out a bit earlier, this script is very helpful for missions.

  14. Loving what I see so far, especially the green handguard and stock in the first screenshot. And thank you for considering adding in the HK21, that and the HK21e are the two MGs I've always wanted to see in arma :D

    One issue I had with the arma 2 G3 and mp5 mods was the tiny aperture in the iron sights. Since arma 3 now supports adjustable irons, do you think you could animate the 100, 200, 300, 400 ranges to corresponding rotations of the drum, with 100 being the iron sights? The animation source for it would be zeroing1 (just "zeroing" didn't work for my own mod), corresponding to the value in the zeroing ranges array.

  15. Hey, your suggestions are inspiring me to develop my mod. :-)))) The more suggestions - the better!

    Compatibility with VAS Systems - No problem, will be done in next update.

    Green tracers - that's a myth (caused by mistranslating from Russian I think) created by game developers (or was it George Lucas? :-)))) that Russian (Dark Side) tracers are all green.

    5,45 T (5.45x39 AK-74) and 7.62 T-46 (7.62x54 PK and SVD) bullets actually have green painting on their nose, but the colour of the trace is red. :-))) Tracer magazines will be added in next update.

    Different magazines - I'm thinking about it. :-))

    Optics - I'm going to release several optics models for using with side-mount only, like PSO-1-1 and 1p29. The main problem is that animation source hasOptics works every time (would be great if you could select this from optics config), and if side-mounted Weaver rail appears every time the optics is connected, there's no way to use old types of optics, you'll simply have 2 side-mounts appear at the same time - one from weapon model brought by hasOptics and one from the optics model. So I'm thinking about leaving AK-107 and AK-105 as they are at the moment and going to release some old AK models (AKS-74N, AK-74M) that will be able to use only side mounted optics.

    Thanks again for ideas! ;-))

    Good to hear, and thanks for letting me know about the tracers--I didn't know that until now :)

    Tracers - Would it still be possible to have a separate green tracer (I think BIS has yellow tracer models and maybe even white ones too) magazine as well, for those of us still used to looking for green tracers?

    Scopes - It's awesome to hear that you are planning on adding the Ak-74m with side-mounted optics. I'd also love to see the 4x PSO-1 on a weaver mount as well, mostly for backwards-compatibility with BIS weapons when in a situation where we end up having to use them :)

    A suggestion about adding the new weapons: Do you think it would be possible to make various versions so that there would be two AK-107s and two AK-74m, one of each boasting the picatinny and the other the side-rail (Same if you are making an RPK-74 and so forth)? Just thinking about the others who may have liked them, maybe have the old variants with ghost-rings available as something to be added via scripts (I still prefer the leafs myself :D)?

    Two more suggestions I've thought up of in the meantime:

    Ka-60 - Could we have one in the Red-Star skin you've made, but an unarmed version as well. And, if you are feeling like a bit more texture-work, the counter-shaded blue and green camouflage like on the mi-24 and mi-8 are always a favourite.

    Uniforms - If you're up to it, maybe another version in the old version of flora? Also, the camo caps we have in MTP and Hex could use a Flora (and digital-Flora) brother :)

    Glad to hear you appreciate the suggestions, I was nervous about uploading a Santa-wishlist. Thanks for implementing my suggestions!

  16. Two bugs I just found:

    Any goggles, such as tactical glasses or diving goggles, that are inside your backpack (maybe inside other inventory holders), do not properly load after being saved.

    Any backpacks inside your backpack (lol), will not properly load either after being saved.

    Guns don't work inside backpacks either. Uniforms and Vests do, however.

  17. Thanks for the scripts, makes gathering gear for my mission a lot easier.

    Is it possible to make it so we can pack smaller uniform items such as helmets and goggles into our gear similarly to how it works for attachments? Furthermore, is it possible that unrecognized attachments could be packed into bags directly, so that if an incompatibility occurs we can just look in our bags and equip from there?

  18. Excellent, thanks for the update!

    I do have a few suggestions though, most should be fairly easy to implement:

    Could you please make the items compatible with the VAS system (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149077-Virtual-Ammobox-System-(VAS))? This can be done by prefixing the helmets with H_, the uniforms with U_, the optics with optic_, and the suppressors with muzzle_. You can also keep it with the current classname guidelines for other items by doing something like "optic_sud_pso4".

    Could the tracers be made green rather than red? I believe green is the standard Russian tracer color, at least from everything else. Furthermore, could tracer magazines be added for each of the weapons?

    Could we have the 60 round magazines, and/or have the 75-round RPK magazines be usable in the AK-105/7s, and vice versa with the 30-rounds in the RPK? Both of these are possible with real-life, and would not ruin game balance since NATO MX weapons are already capable of sharing their 30-round and 100-round magazines.

    Finally, could we have a PSO-1 optic with the 4x zoom, to replace the Hamr? Would be especially nice if we could just look over the adjustment knob as a secondary sight, for the purpose of CQB :)

    Thanks again for making the mod and I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with requests. The new iron sights make me feel at home, and I can't wait till a new BinMake can fix the animation source issues.

  19. Kaelies' Weapon List Shortener

    This is a very simple mod that makes the list of usable weapons returned by a config search much shorter. As an example of what this means, other mods or scripts such as AmmoBox fillers, that use that functionality to be compatible with mods, won't show up all of the duplicate guns.


    By default, the config classes in Arma include a lot of duplicate weapons with the only change being optics, silencers, or lasers attached by default. This is most likely used for optics being usable with weapons held by units placed in the editor, but this in turn makes a large amount of almost duplicate entries in the config files that will be returned when using a script, with no special tags to differentiate them from other weapons.

    What this modification does is it sets the "scope" of these weapons to 1 (The weapon is usable, but it's icon not visible. Typically used for vehicle weapons). This makes it so they won't show up in a config search for guns that are usable by human players, so a script that would fill up an ammocrate, would simulate one, or might do something else, will not end up listing those guns. This significantly reduces the list from being between 50-100 guns, to a bit under 20 (with no mods).


    The original intent of this mod was for use with ammobox scripts. A known bug is that the icon of most weapons that units placed in the editor hold will not show up in your inventory, and this is fully intentional. Furthermore, you will be unable to drop a weapon that is affected by this. However, if used with an ammobox script, it will not matter, as only fully working guns will show up.

    Finally, I have not undergone enough testing with AI as of yet, but it appears to work perfectly fine with no bugs on AI, except for the aforementioned bug when picking up one of their weapons.