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  1. Sent a PM about the bipod.

    Another idea; what do you think about adding some sort of hi-capacity drum magazine for the Katiba, and Beta-C magazines for the F2000 and TAR-21? It seems like it would be mostly just icon and config work; these are things that either already exist in real life in at least some form.

    While on the subject of magazine tweaks: The Stanag magazines have choices for any of the three tracer colours, while most of the other tracer magazines don't; might it be possible to add variants for that?

  2. Hello, I'd like to be able to make a bipod attachment for weapons, probably as a muzzle attachment. Would it be possible to make it so I can set "tmr_autorest_deployable = 1;" in the attachment somewhere, and allow the player to rest the weapon as if it had a bipod?

    Currently it does nothing, whether I put that in the attachment class itself, or into the ItemInfo portion of it.

  3. I would like to see the Zafir made auto by default (so annoying getting out of a vehicle and the thing is back on semi), I can understand it having semi-auto as a 7.62mm but would not miss it if it were gone. Also how about a sound for when fire mode is changed?

    I would also like to see this, and I'd love if there was some way to provide optional configs to make any weapon with full-auto be on auto by default.

  4. Looks awesome, I remember you mentioning a supply system, would it be possible to add supply to a truck via a script and then have it drive the supplies for building to you? Would be a good way of going about it for military-base applications.

    Also, do you think it would be possible to make a windowed wall where the window is higher up? It looks too low when up on the higher stories.

  5. Hmmmm.... is there anyway to perfectly align the eye memory lod? I have looked on the net for days and cannot find a tutorial on how to place the eye exactly in the proper place and have had zero luck!

    The method I used for my SVD in the past was to use the "left" view in oxygen2 to look at the gun from behind, found where the front sight aligns perfectly through the rear sight, and then placed the eye vertex at that point through the left view; afterwards, I moved it back to a good position using one of the other views (you can lock the movement to one axis using the X, Y, and Z buttons with the coloured triangles on them; for example, from the front view, this would make it so that anything you were moving would only move to the left or right relative to the camera, or front or back relative to the gun). Not sure if this method would work as well with the type of sight the m16 has, though.

  6. Thanks for the quick update with tons of fixes, and thanks for being able to keep the custom-trigger a4 :).

    Only significant issues I can find now is that the A4 model's iron sights seem to be off (using it with tracers, the shot hits above the front post even if I'm aiming at 600m but using a zeroing of 100m; optics work fine), and that the silencer does not appear on the A2/A3 models.

  7. @kaelies Could you maybe explain that a little more? Are you suggesting that there may be a base class that allows the use of all those attachments? I am actually considering looking at it now.... Thanks!

    I think you should be able to use all base attachments except silencer by simply not including anything to change them. For silencer, perhaps the easiest way might be to inherit from the TRG (instead of say, inheriting from Rifle_base_f).

    By the way, if you make the m16a3 the proper version where it is a full-auto m16a2, could you please add a full-auto version of the m16a4?

  8. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to get the attachments working would be to simply inherit from the default set? I believe some of the addons that add attachments either add them to all the default guns that way, or have optional configs for that allowance.

    By the way, the icons have white backgrounds; do you think you could fix that? One way would be to save as a .png with a transparent background before packing into a .paa.

  9. ah I understand , so from my PC I see all ok but then the uniform maybe go in conflict because not corresponding to my side and they see me in undie

    well , do you know a way to fix this and make me able to wear whatever VAS uniform I want without problems ?

    or is VAS meant to be used by blufor only ?

    The unit you place down has to be the same side as the side of the uniform. i.e. if I play as opfor I can use any of the opfor uniforms.

    Vests and helmets aren't restricted in the same way, from what I recall.

  10. You can attach it to anything.

    I don't think you can attach it to the helicopter it's self and have other people able to access it while they're in it but what you could do is for each player:

    player addAction["<t color='#ff1111'>Virtual Ammobox</t>","VAS\open.sqf","",0,false,false,"",' player in (crew helicopter) '];

    Helicopter would be replaced with the name of the helicopter you have them loaded in.

    You should be able to attach it to the helicopter itself for use from inside of it, I remember doing so for some mission or another with an older version.

  11. Assuming BIS doesn't fix up the ghillie-suit issue, could you add the OpFor one to the exceptions as well? Currently only the BluFor one will appear.

    Seems like a change to using the following would be a good way of going about it:

    if(_entity == "U_B_GhillieSuit") then
    _ret set[1,"Ghillie Suit [MTP]"];
    if(_entity == "U_O_GhillieSuit") then
    _ret set[1,"Ghillie Suit [Hex]"];

  12. I suppose I could add a remove add below removed, just will feel weird :\

    On my screen it looked like the button for "remove" is a bit shorter than the box that shows you what items you have; maybe you can fit two boxes side-by-side, and have the one for "remove all" have text over two lines? Might make it look better than having remove all be below remove.

  13. With the current version, it seems that every time you add or remove an item/magazine/weapon/etc, it reloads the entire list of items/magazines/weapons on the left side, which makes it difficult to add multiple magazines or consumable items; it does it twice if you have a filter enabled, first loading up the entire selection, then reloading with just the filtered items.

    Also, would it be possible to add a "remove all" button to remove all of the selected item type at once? Would help a lot since sometimes the order of the magazines gets shifted, so spamming the "remove" button sometimes removes the wrong type of item.

  14. As I understand, you added the "Crye Bio-Suit" with this mod, which is fantastic. However, there are two suggestions I'd have towards it:

    First, would it be possible to have the front and back colours be camouflage as well, like the on opFor uniform, rather than a plain green as it is now? It seems odd when being worn without a plate carrier, i.e. with the LBV harness.

    Second, it would be wonderful if you could add some of the other camo patterns you already have in this mod as choices for it, if it wouldn't be too much of an issue.

    One other bug I found while playing, it seems that a large portion of the gear is missing inventory textures, would it be possible to add some or use the default icons? Otherwise, great mod, hope to see an update soon :)

  15. Whoops, completely forgot about that :rolleyes:...sorry kiwi, and thank you for pointing that out. Updated the first post with the relevant information, I'll throw in a readme on my next update. Currently I hope to add in the new grenades Purple put in his latest update, possibly one of my own making as well...might have to wait though till the update after that, though.