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  1. Is there a fix to make this script work again? Currently, you just slip and slide off of the ship.
  2. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170227-AttachToWithMovement-Walkable-Vehicle-Interriors-and-Exterirors Whenever I use this script, i just slip and slide. It seems as if it used to work according to youtube videos from a few months ago, but now it has this problem. Can anyone test this and report back with results? I have tried this on a clean arma 3 install as well and with a few different ship add ons, but it does not work. I have tried editing it to no avail. No error pops up, but the script behaves as if there is zero friction on the surface of the ship, and you are walking on slippery ice. Would greatly appreciqte any help with this, as i feel like i could make some cool missions with this script in combination with the USS Iowa mod.
  3. KamiSama

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Maybe napalm bombs and/or an old flame tank? Mods this is for arma 3, which is why I posted it in the arma 3 section... not arma 2 operation arrowhead section, so try not to move it there... if there is one already in existance for arma 3 (3 mods, not 2), can you link it to me? I wasn't able to find one.
  4. There was this for arma 2 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20695 Is there any napalm script/mod for arma 3? I couldn't find one
  5. Any way to get the class names?
  6. I want to play a PvP server but there isn't a single one above a few players right now.... yet there's literally 30+ wasteland servers with 30 or more people right now, I hope people start hosting pvp soon.
  7. 3D and 2d spawning don't spawn objects, am I doing something wrong? Fix pls
  8. KamiSama

    SupportCall - "Cheat" module

    Thanks, trying now
  9. Any way to make more than one game master? So me and my friend can spawn stuff together?
  10. KamiSama

    SupportCall - "Cheat" module

    How do I make this work on my own server? not someone elses but my own
  11. KamiSama

    Arma 3 monster

    http://puu.sh/2ducW ...
  12. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147887-SupportCall-quot-Cheat-quot-module How can I make it so me and my friend can use it on our own private server? We can't cheat with it cuz servers have the addon check, so yeah. I'm trying to find where it checks if it's singleplayer so I can change it but I can't find it.
  13. DISABLE VSYNC, my fps went from 20 on a beast machine to 80 on 2560x1600 with everything max... we have to deal witht he screen tearing or try to force it with drivers or something.
  14. Except that none of my stuff ever goes over 1/2 usage and I get 20 fps... including cpu
  15. Getting 20 fps with nothing being used over 50%, and I have a 550MB/s read/write SSD so that's not it either, what gives? I should be getting 60 fps, I'm good on VRAM too, still a few hundred MB away from full use. btw 2x gtx 580 superclocked sli, 3.8GHZ i7 920, 12gb 1600mhz ram