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  1. Dedmen, I tried this and didn´t work for me ... I am having the same ZEUS problem.
  2. I confirm a FPS drop without fred41 malloc. BattlEye, please fix this.
  3. BullHorn, At current stage, the mods files stays only at your server or at your FTP. We think it is safer to maintain all clients and server at the same mods versions. The mods updates is almost automatic. After you update everything, the update/check mods button will flash green only when the server mod version change, and it will download only the necessary files. Any feedback will be welcome. Caico1983 (CCT member Comunidade de Combate Tático)
  4. Bleemus, The Fred´s malloc still works fine for me, at my main PC. I think it worth a try. Otherwise, at my laptop it is not working anymore.
  5. caico1983

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    Looks like you guys are improving this mission. The original author, or any of you have a new version of it? P.s. A new version with CSE would be great.
  6. Fr33dom, I am afraid that the modded version of your mission is not working with the latest version of CSE/ALIVE. If you have a schedule to release a new version, please let us know. Thanks again for your great mission.
  7. caico1983


    M4RT14L made an excellent mission. No doubt about it. We have no right to demand nothing. But, all I want is to thank him and give my feedback, respectfully saying that, in my opinion, NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons would be a better choice for weapons.
  8. caico1983


    I agree with MasterAntony about NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons. But about radios, my community uses Task Force Radio because it is far more reliable and, nowadays, far more polished than ACRE 2.
  9. Fr33dom, First of all, congratulations for your excelent mission! Buddy, I tried to start your mission downloaded from Armaholic (version 0.91.5 Alpha) with CSE and all the others opitional mods, but the CSE didn´t work. Then I download the mission "WIP Version 0.91a ALPHA (Modded W/O HC Requirement)" at the first page of this topic. With this version CSE work OK. Is that correct? Or am I doing something wrong with Armaholic latest version?
  10. Galzohar, Please, could you fix your mission for the new version of the game? I really enjoy to play it, but right now, the units spawn without uniform.
  11. caico1983

    Arma3 Videos

  12. caico1983

    =BTC= co 50 War Storm

    What me and my clan do when this happen is to fly a heli over the AO (city) at low speed. Most of the times some enemy open fire to the heli and we discover where he/they are.
  13. Bardosy, I was able to download from your dropbox. It is working.
  14. caico1983

    Multi Monitor Issues

    LoneCrow, I have also 3 monitors and 2 video cards. But all 3 monitors are conected at same video card, and all 3 works together as one big desktop. My video cards are 2 AMD HD 7950 so I am using eyefinity tecnology. I have no issue playing ARMA 3 or when I quit or alt tab.