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    I can't join server "arma 3"

    also happen at my end it really annoying only got into one game since the alpha started
  2. irishninja

    how do i join a multiplayer match?

    also having this issues and it not cause of my specs i have Alienwear X51 and i have only got into one sever in the hole time since alpha out my ping is usually 40-60 on eu severs and i waite till i get my ping reading come up i know im connected to the sever properly that way and every time.it dose not put me in the free slot.but im happy at the moment im having fun offline for the time being.but this issue needs to be fixed what ever is causing it,
  3. irishninja

    Please Read and Help

    right first off hello every on kinda new to the pc game but not new to arma if that even make since. Im not sure if the is the right section but help me place it in the right one if im wrong so in advance sorry if it is. but here is my problem this new feature they add with the drag drop you name to team on a server i seem to have problem with it i have only been able to get into one game and that was late last night around 2am gmt.personally i like the old way better with just clicking the available slot.i was wondering if anyone ales is encountering this issue?
  4. irishninja

    Please Read and Help

    im really puzzled now that you say the old method works aswell.