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  1. Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 75th Rangers What is the 75th Rangers? The 75th Rangers is a Realism Unit for Arma II. We specialize in special forces infantry gameplay and tactics. We are a group of close-knit gamers that enjoy playing a variety of games in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We play the way we want and we don't let realism stop us from having fun. We host a unit mission every Sunday with smaller missions and training taking place throughout the week. How large is the unit? Currently the unit has over 30 active members and dozens of reserves. As a rifle company, we follow a traditional platoon based layout. 1st Platoon consists of 3 rifle squads and 1 weapons squad. As the unit continues to grow, we can add more platoons. What way do you play? Our missions are based upon fast and tactical infantry gameplay. We use light armored humvee's with mounted weapons, but we prefer getting into gunfights with support from our weapons squad. What would I expect from joining this unit? A friendly welcome from all of our members. We would provide you with all the training you need to begin your Ranger career and be there to help you with any regards you may have. Requirements Be over 15 years of age. Speak fluent English. Must own Arma II Combined Operations. Must have Teamspeak 3 installed and a working microphone/headset. Must have previous experience using the mods ACE & ACRE. Be able to attend a unit-wide mission on Sundays at 1800 Central Standard Time and be able to train regularly. Contact Details Website: www.taskforce119.com Teamspeak: taskforce119.enjinvoice.com Great news everybody. 75th Rangers now has it's own server. We will be hosting Chernarus MSO and it's open to everyone if you want to come and play with some of our guys. All you need are ACE and ACRE to join. Just search for "75th Rangers", or alternatively our IP address is 75th Rangers is always looking for new members to join our ranks. If you think you'd be interested then just head over to our Teamspeak and speak to one of our personnel staff, to see if the Rangers have what you are looking for. We'll see you on the front lines. Staff Sergeant King Personnel Chief
  2. Squadname - 75th Rangers Timezone - CST (GMT -6) Squad gamemode preference - Co-op Realism Contact - askhysteria@gmail.com website - www.taskforce119.com
  3. Hi, This is Lieutenant Colonel King from Task Force 119. Task Force 119 is a U.S. Special Forces based Realism Unit that plays Arma II and Arma III. We play together everyday and have just bought our first server. Our members are active and highly experienced. We use ACE & ACRE for the best experience possible. We have +25 active members and are getting bigger everyday. Players are drawn to us for our focus on action packed gameplay, without all the boring training of other Realism Units. We play a unit-wide mission every Sunday at 1800 Central Daylight Time (GMT - 5) with other fun missions taking place all week. If you're interested in joining in on the action then please visit us on our website http://www.taskforce119.com and fill out an Application Form under Recruitment, or talk to us on our Teamspeak: taskforce119.enjinvoice.com We are very eager for new members to join and are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for reading, Lieutenant Colonel King Task Force 119 Commander
  4. Irish Armed forces Mod

    Myself and the guys in my unit are willing to test anything you're willing to release. Really looking forward to this mod. If you could make some Reserve Units that'd be amazing. It'd be like being in the game. lol Keep up the good work.
  5. Squad name: Quick Security Solutions Timezone/location : GMT - Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Contact email: PM me on Enjin. I'm King Website address: http://quicksecurity.enjin.com/ Short description: Arma II & Arma III missions multiple times each week. Great Community. Great for first time players. Language: English
  6. ISOT is now recruiting new members. Irish Special Operation Team (ISOT) is a newly founded realism unit for Arma 2. Our aim is to closely resemble Irish Army Special Forces in both organisation and tactics. Unlike other realism units, ISOT focuses on intense gameplay and friendship, rather than reports and medals. We play on a daily basis. ISOT training is a tough, but fun experience designed for weeding out the weak from the strong. All recruits must meet the following requirements. Have a copy of Arma 2: Combined Operation. Have an enjin.com account. Teamspeak 3 Have ACE & ACRE mods. A working, good quality microphone. A stable internet connection. If you think you have what it takes, then check out and sign up on our website. http://isot.enjin.com/home See ya there, King
  7. Hi, I was wondering if somebody could make the Irish Air Corps AW 139? Or even to retexture the KA-60 in Irish Air Corps colours. I want a cool looking helicopter for my new unit. Thank you.
  8. Hi Slatts. I am thinking of creating an Irish Realism Unit. It would be great if you could message me back. I am looking to use some of the vehicles.
  9. Hi, I am Cpl King and I am an NCO in 1st Platoon for RCT19. We focus on squad gameplay and military tactics and ranking. We are looking for men that aren't afraid to fight on the front lines and get the job done, no matter how impossible it seems. We have ranks and training, so that you can be the best. We'll make sure you are. We have gotten very popular recently and we have an active growing community. We have MSO, ASW and DayZ servers that we play on regularly. ANYONE CAN APPLY! (Under 16's will need a sponsor.) If you feel like you are up to it then sign up today! raider6.us/recruitment I'll see you in the field Cpl G. King Warlock 1 - 3 Leader, 1st Platoon. Regimental Combat Team 19