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    CTRG Gear.

    I just saw a steam post about the same problem, looks like I wasn't the only one, I only got Zeus as free DLC?
  2. thesuperchris

    CTRG Gear.

    I'm not sure how to go about doing that, it didn't show up or anything on my end.
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    CTRG Gear.

    Hello all, I was an A3 founder, I purchased the game in order to get my name in the end credits, along with helping BI fund A3. I've also pre-purchased Apex as I loved what has been showcased thus far. I was recently searching the interwebz about the topic of the CTRG not getting vests, and packs to match their uniforms respectively. If I may ask for one request, could you please update the GA Carrier Rig and Carrier lite to have their uniform camo? I am asking because I noticed when you spawn in the updated units, they are using the GA Carrier rig olive, and the carrier rig olive. I've just looked at the digi variant and its almost perfect, other than it has a digital theme rather than the splinter one, it looks different enough from the NATO forces, and I think makes them look menacing enough with their new helmet. Thanks again for all the fun hours, and moments! Respectively yours, Thesuperchris.